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Adam Azim vs. Santos Reyes: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, winner

Adam Azim and Santos Reyes are facing off on Saturday, Feb. 11 in a junior welterweight bout. We’ll be updating round by round.

Amir Khan v Kell Brook - Manchester AO Arena Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

A pair of junior welterweights will settle the score this Saturday, February 11 as buzzing phenom Adam Azim (7-0) takes on Santos Reyes (13-0) at the OVO Arena in Wembley, London.

Azim is coming off an impressive 2022, where he recorded five stoppage wins in dominating fashion. His style has been recognized by BBC Sport and Boxing News, each giving him distinctions as the next best lightweight prospect in boxing. In his last bout, he defeated Rylan Charlton in just two rounds. He looks to continue his streak this weekend in front of his hometown fans at the OVO Arena.

Reyes is a respected prospect as well, hailing from Nicaragua. He has won all twelve of his contests and will be fighting for the first time outside of his hometown. He is looking to spoil the homecoming of Azim and land a major upset. Reyes has earned 3 KOs in his career and has proven he can win in a number of ways.

We’ll be providing live updates throughout the fight with round-by-round scoring until a winner is determined.

Adam Azim vs. Santos Reyes round-by-round results

Round 1: Reyes 10-9

Reyes the aggressor to begin, and not backing down from Azim. Very impressive and landed a few shots on the favorite. Azim might be saving some up in the tank, for the later rounds. Nonetheless round 1 goes to Reyes.

Round 2: Azim 10-8

Reyes again comes out swinging, even a bit wild. Azim remaining poised and wow, a huge straight hand flattens Reyes to the canvas. What a big shot!

Round 3: Azim 10-9

That first round was a feel out round for Azim, as he’s picking up the pace. His footwork and technique are clicking all at the right time. He’s landing quality hits and Reyes is in trouble.

Round 4: Azim 10-9

Azim doing superstar stuff, now landing hits to the body. The juice Reyes came out with early has been drained and he’s struggling to get back into this one. Azim answering every punch and gaining more confidence as this one goes along.

Round 5: Reyes 10-9

Reyes in a tight one at the moment, nice trade off of jabs and Reyes slightly back into this one. With Azim’s power, not many expected this fight to go this long. Reyes getting to it and prolonging this fight with each punch.

Round 6: Azim 10-9

Azim stepping on the gas some more this round and landing quality combinations to the body of Reyes. Reyes doing a good job of absorbing all the big hits and staying relevant with some hits of his own.

Round 7: Reyes 10-9

Again, this is going on another round where Reyes seems to be gaining some of his early strides. Wow, he tags Azim with a big left hand and now Azim laughing at the challenger. Confidence and momentum slowly even, maybe more on the side of Reyes.

Round 8: Azim 10-9

Both fighters seem a bit winded, the tempo of Reyes once again slowing down. Azim seems to be content with a win by the points, that second round knockdown aiding him on most cards. More of the same, Azim connecting to the body and Reyes not really throwing punches back.

Round 9: Azim 10-9

Azim’s jab has been present, but the follow up haymaker just not landing. Azim taking the hits and they are not slowing him down at all. Azim firing back now and taking his time, tags Reyes with a nice jab.

Round 10: Azim 10-9

Reyes trying to land the money shot again, but his hits are not accurate enough. His jab has been his best bet, but just not enough. Azim coasting to what should be a decisive win by points.

Adam Azim wins UD-10 (100-89, 100-89, 100-89) over Santos Reyes