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Rey Vargas wins unanimous decision over O’Shaquie Foster to claim WBC title

Rey Vargas and O’Shaquie Foster are facing off on Saturday, February 11 in a junior lightweight bout. We’ll be updating round by round.

Boxing: Vargas vs Baez Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Result: O’Shaquie Foster wins unanimous decision over Rey Vargas with scores of 116-112, 117-111, 119-109.

UPDATE: The fight got started at 11:07 p.m. ET

A battle of featherweights takes place this Saturday, February 11 as undefeated Rey Vargas (36-0-0) takes on top contender O’Shaquie Foster (19-2-0) for the vacant WBC junior lightweight championship. The fight takes place at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas and coverage begins at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

Vargas comes into the fight boasting an unblemished record, as 22 of his 36 wins have come by knockout. In his last bout he defeated Mark Magsayo by split decision in July 2022, where he secured the WBC featherweight title. Experience is the clear edge for Vargas, as the two division champion looks to add another piece of hardware to his resume.

Foster is a slight underdog, who is currently ranked the no. 1 fighter in the 130 lb. division according to Ring. In his 19 wins, 11 have come by knockout and in his last two bouts he has dropped his opponents on the canvas in both. He now has the opportunity to spoil Vargas and his bid to hold titles in three separate divisions.

Vargas comes into the bout as the favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook. He is a -145 favorite while Foster checks in as a +120 underdog. The favored outcome is Vargas by decision at +100, while a Foster decision is +220. A Foster stoppage is +500 and a Vargas stoppage is +700.

We’ll be providing live updates throughout the fight with round-by-round scoring until a winner is determined.

Rey Vargas vs. O’Shaquie Foster round-by-round results

Round 1: Foster 10-9

This was a bit of a feeling-out round, although Foster was a bit busier. The biggest shot of the round saw Foster land an overhand right to the head in the final minute. Vargas got in a body shot in the final 30 seconds.

Round 2: Foster 10-9 (20-18)

Foster takes a big swing for the head in the first round and doesn’t quite land it. Vargas goes down 50 seconds in and the ref rules it a slip. It looked like Foster might have knocked him down, so we’ll see what comes of that. Foster picked it up in the middle of the second landing several head shots. Vargas is getting some body shots in, but Foster seems to be doing more damage. Vargas pushed the pace in the final 45 seconds, but could not land anything to take advantage of it.

Update: Foster stepped on Vargas’ foot, and while Foster landed a shot at the same time, the foot-stepping likely was the reason for Vargas going down.

Round 3: Foster 10-9 (30-27)

Foster has drawn blood from Vargas. Foster landed a big shot but the film shows a clash of heads that likely was a bigger reason for the cut. Vargas started to pick things up in the final minute of the round. He landed a couple shots, but Foster has been able to out-physical him at times.

Round 4: Foster 10-9 (40-36)

Vargas has been doing a lot of feinting but isn’t really doing much consistently beyond that. He landed some early shots to open the round, but slowed down. Foster with a solid lead right with 1:17 left and gets a counter right at the end of the second minute. Foster gets in a jab in the final seconds and is piling up rounds.

Round 5: Foster 10-9 (50-45)

Foster lands an overhand right 30 seconds into the round, but Vargas lands a left hook ten seconds later. Late in the first minute of the round, Foster pushes the pressure and lands some solid shots to the head. Midway through the round he lands another head shot. In the final 30 seconds, Vargas started to land some longer shots and did the most damage we’ve seen. However, Foster quickly turned things around in the final ten seconds and likely did enough to avoid Vargas stealing the round.

Round 6: Vargas 10-9 (Foster 59-55)

Foster forced Vargas into the ropes and landed a small flurry late in the first minute. Vargas responded in the second minute, but is not making enough contact with Foster putting together some solid defense. In the final minute, we saw a flurry exchange from both fighters. Vargas landed a few more punches and might have done enough to secure the round.

Round 7: Foster 10-9 (69-64)

Early in the second minute, Foster gets aggressive and Vargas seems to be feeling it. It’s not close to a knockdown, but Foster has dictated the pace for much of the fight. Vargas got more aggressive late in the second minute but was failing to hit anything of note. Foster uses his left hook to back up Vargas with 36 seconds left. Vargas gets a left hook of his own with 20 seconds left, but hasn’t used it nearly enough. This was a close around, and these last two could go either way.

Round 8: Foster 10-9 (79-73)

Foster with a big left hook early in the round. He connected on a jab early in the second minute of the round. Vargas starts getting some body work in midway through the round, but then Foster counters with a right. Vargas got more aggressive and started to move inside a little, but wasn’t landing much.

Round 9: Vargas 10-9 (Foster 88-83)

Vargas has been landing at a better clip in this round. He’s not doing much damage against Foster, but he likely landed enough to secure the round. He closed in the final minute with more use of the left hook. The past two rounds could have gone either way, but this one felt a little more in Vargas’ favor.

Round 10: Foster 10-9 (98-92)

Vargas remains aggressive, but Foster has landed a couple big shots in the first minute. Foster hit solid left hook late in the first minute of the round and then a straight shot. He added another left hook in the second minute. Vargas landed a straight left late in the second minute.

Round 11: Foster 10-9 (108-101)

Vargas is peppering Foster with shots in the first minute, but they’re landing on Foster’s arms and gloves. Foster lands a left hook to close the first minute and that appeared to stun Vargas. Vargas has slipped a couple times and Foster pushed him down a third time. Foster with a solid right hook counter and added a left jab in the final 30 seconds.

Round 12: Foster 10-9 (118-110)

Vargas’ corner tells him he needs to take some risks in this final round. Foster lands a couple jabs and then gets more aggressive late in the first minute forcing Vargas into the corner. Vargas needs the knockout, but Foster is doing more to dictate pace even in this final round. Vargas lands a small combination at the close of the second minute, but doesn’t do any damage. Foster continues pressing the attack in the final 45 seconds