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Who’s improving, who’s falling in Super Bowl 58 odds after Week 13

Week 13 wraps up. We break down what it all means for Super Bowl 58 odds.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As Week 13 comes to an end, we break down how this week’s performances affected each team’s Super Bowl 58 odds.

Who had the best Week 13 performance?

The San Francisco 49ers don’t have much competition for the best Week 13 performance. It’s not every day you beat the team with the best record in the NFL and a top MVP candidate at quarterback by 23 points. The Niners looked completely dominant against one of the best teams in the league, and improved their chances for the first overall seed in the NFC come the postseason.

We have to give some credit to the Green Bay Packers for a massive win against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs at Lambeau Field, as well. The Packers are now 3-0 in their last three games.

Which favorites have work to do?

The Eagles won’t get much of a break as they turn around from that brutal loss and face another top Super Bowl contender in the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14. If Jalen Hurts is injured, Philadelphia will need to dig deep to hold onto that top spot in the NFC.

The Chiefs need to figure things out on offense this season. Mahomes is hurting for targets downfield, and they are not looking like the Super Bowl contenders of 2022 after Sunday’s loss to Green Bay.

The Lions also let the Saints hang around and nearly allowed a full comeback just one week after losing to the Packers. The path to the NFC North title is not locked in just yet.

Will the Broncos or Bills end up in the playoffs?

The Broncos and the Bills are certainly still in the mix for a Wild Card spot, though a division title may be slipping further from their grasp by the week. Both sit at a 6-6 record after Week 13, and the teams with the worst records who are currently sitting in a Wild Card spot are at 7-5.

The Bills and Broncos could pull ahead of several of these teams in a matter of weeks, but it won’t be an easy path. The Texans, Browns, Colts, and Steelers each rank ahead of them in the current playoff race.

Will the Packers, Rams, Bucs, or Saints make the playoffs?

The Packers put together a huge win over the Kansas City Chiefs to move to 6-6 on the season after winning their last three games. With the win, they are now tied with teh Vikings for second place in the NFC North. With the win, they currently sit in the third and final Wild Card spot in the NFC

The Rams, now 3-0 in their last three games to move to 6-6 for the season, currently sit in the first spot left out of the playoffs in the NFC. They will need to keep winning, but a postseason is now certainly within reach for a team that was on tank watch for the first part of the season.

The Buccaneers and Saints both sit at 5-7 after Week 13, and the Falcons currently have the top spot in the NFC South at 6-6. Anything could happen in this division over the last few weeks of the season, and the division title is very much in reach for both Tampa and New Orleans. However, as things stand, neither the Bucs nor the Saints would qualify for a Wild Card spot. The NFC South may end up sending just one representative to this year’s postseason.

Here’s a full list of Super Bowl 58 odds heading into Week 14, and how they compare with the opening numbers, Week 1, and last week. All odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Super Bowl odds 2023-24

Team Feb 12 Week 1 Week 18 Wild Card
Team Feb 12 Week 1 Week 18 Wild Card
San Francisco 49ers +750 +1000 +220 +220
Baltimore Ravens +2200 +1800 +300 +310
Buffalo Bills +700 +900 +800 +650
Dallas Cowboys +1400 +1400 +850 +750
Kansas City Chiefs +600 +600 +950 +1000
Philadelphia Eagles +900 +650 +1100 +1600
Miami Dolphins +3000 +2500 +1300 +1600
Detroit Lions +3000 +2200 +2000 +1800
Cleveland Browns +4000 +3500 +3500 +3500
Houston Texans +20000 +20000 +8000 +4000
Los Angeles Rams +3500 +10000 +6000 +4500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000 +10000 +12000 +6000
Green Bay Packers +3000 +6500 +18000 +9000
Pittsburgh Steelers +5500 +5000 +25000 +12000
Jacksonville Jaguars +2800 +3000 +3500 OTB
Indianapolis Colts +15000 +15000 +10000 OTB
Seattle Seahawks +7000 +3000 +12000 OTB
New Orleans Saints +5000 +3000 +20000 OTB
Atlanta Falcons +7500 +6000 +50000 OTB
Minnesota Vikings +4500 +3500 +80000 OTB
Cincinnati Bengals +900 +1100 OTB OTB
Denver Broncos +3000 +4500 OTB OTB
Chicago Bears +8000 +5000 OTB OTB
Las Vegas Raiders +4000 +8000 OTB OTB
New York Giants +4000 +6500 OTB OTB
Los Angeles Chargers +2200 +2500 OTB OTB
New York Jets +2800 +1600 OTB OTB
Washington Commanders +7000 +6500 OTB OTB
Tennessee Titans +7500 +8000 OTB OTB
Arizona Cardinals +20000 +40000 OTB OTB
Carolina Panthers +5500 +8000 OTB OTB
New England Patriots +6000 +6500 OTB OTB