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Georgia misses the College Football Playoff and that’s the right decision

We discuss why it is the right move to leave the Georgia Bulldogs out of the 2023 CFP.

Carson Beck #15 of the Georgia Bulldogs rushes for a touchdown during a game between University of Georgia and University of Alabama at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 2, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The arguments have been made and the College Football Playoff Committee has unveiled the top four teams in college football. Michigan and Washington came in without doubt, and three Power 5 champions in Alabama, Florida State, and Texas had reasonable claims to that coveted fourth spot.

One name that wasn’t in the conversation was ranked No. 1 in the country less than 24 hours ago. Georgia had won 29 games in a row and was favored against a one-loss Alabama team for the SEC Championship. When the dust settled after four quarters, the Crimson Tide emerged with the 27-24 victory, back on top of the SEC. The Bulldogs entered the 1-loss scrum, but while Texas and Alabama were gaining momentum, Georgia was hardly being mentioned.

The CFP committee had never failed to put the No. 1 team heading into conference championship week. With the loss, Georgia dropped to No. 6, but that is basically irrelevant. They have the sixth-highest FPI this season, trailing, most notably, Alabama. The CFP has acknowledged that injuries will be considered, and the Dawgs are battered and bruised, missing two of their top receivers and an injured star tight end. Georgia is given just a 3.2% chance to make the playoff by ESPN’s College Football Power Index.

There was plenty of math going around when making this final CFP determination. If you assumed that the undefeateds were in, that leaves Texas, Alabama and Georgia all in contention for that last spot. Alabama beat Georgia, but Texas beat Alabama at home by double digits. The game was played in Week 2 of the season, but it theoretically had to mean something still. Texas’ lone loss came in the neutral-site Red River Showdown against Oklahoma. The CFP isn’t usually agreed with, and they will get plenty of slander this year. Regardless, leaving Georgia out was the right call.