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College football teams might play three times in a season in 2024, and that’s bad

The expanded College Football Playoff is a good thing on the whole, but there are some less-than-great side effects. We go over the bad scenarios below.

Ohio State University vs University of Michigan Set Number: X164248 TK1

Wasn’t that Ohio State-Michigan game great last week? Well how would you like to watch it happen two more times?

The college football landscape will undergo several drastic changes in the coming year as conference affiliations shift and a 12-team playoff is instated for the first time in the postseason. As their conferences expand, the Big Ten and SEC will be eliminating divisions, a move already made by the Big XII and the ACC.

This means that it’s possible that we could see matchups like Michigan-Ohio State or Alabama-Georgia three times a year, which may not be as fun as it sounds. Without divisions, these teams could meet in the regular season, in the conference championship game, and in the 12-team playoff, which will allow for more one- and two-loss teams to compete for a national title.

Sure a rematch can be fun once in a while. We’ve seen teams face off in the regular season and the conference championship, or the regular season and the College Football Playoff, but we’ve never seen it happen a third time. We all tuned in to see if Oregon could beat Washington. But would you then want to see that yet again in the postseason?

Maybe your answer is yes, but it also has the potential to take away some of the significance of the games. A Michigan win over OSU no longer eliminates the Buckeyes from Big Ten Championship contention, nor does it take them out of CFP contention. It’s just another win or loss, and the best rivalries may lose some of their spark.