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Who’s improving, who’s falling in Super Bowl 58 odds after Week 15

Week 15 is wrapping up, and playoff fates are being decided. We break down what it all means for Super Bowl 58 odds.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

With Week 15 wrapping up, the path to the playoffs is becoming clearer and clearer. Several teams were eliminated from contention this week, while others clinched their postseason berths. We take a look at how this week’s performances affected each eligible team’s Super Bowl odds.

Who had the best Week 15 performance?

The Bills take home the award for best win of the week after a dominant performance against the Cowboys. They have had one of the toughest three-week slates possible in this year’s NFL season, facing the Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys in a row. They took the Eagles to overtime and ended up losing, but beat the Niners and Cowboys, and are looking more and more like legitimate playoff contenders by the week.

The Dolphins also had a great Week 15 performance in their shutout of the Jets. The Buccaneers are gunning for the top spot in the NFC South and grabbed a big win over a hot Packers team, and the Raiders put up 63 points with their starting running back sidelined.

Which favorites have work to do?

The Cowboys have now lost a few games this season in an ugly fashion — two of their four losses have come by three or more touchdowns. If they want to make a deep postseason run, those kinds of losses to their potential opponents can’t keep happening.

The Chiefs won this week, finishing 27-17 over the Patriots. They are playing at a fairly low level compared to the past few seasons, and do not look like a Super Bowl winning team at the moment. Patrick Mahomes threw two interceptions against New England.

Which 7-7 or 6-8 team has the best chance of making a run to the Super Bowl?

The Seahawks are currently 6-7 and face the Eagles on Monday night. Geno Smith is questionable, but if any 7-7 or 6-8 team has a shot at a Super Bowl run, it just might be Seattle. The Seahawks have struggled through injury issues this season, but a healthy Seattle offense can hang with the best of them. The 7-7 Rams are another potential dark horse candidate after turning their season around partway through, and the 6-8 Packers have shown flashes of excellence, but haven’t been able to capture it consistently.

Here’s a full list of Super Bowl 58 odds heading into Week XX, and how they compare with the opening numbers, Week 1, and last week. All odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Super Bowl odds 2023-24

Team Feb 12 Week 1 Week 18 Wild Card
Team Feb 12 Week 1 Week 18 Wild Card
San Francisco 49ers +750 +1000 +220 +220
Baltimore Ravens +2200 +1800 +300 +310
Buffalo Bills +700 +900 +800 +650
Dallas Cowboys +1400 +1400 +850 +750
Kansas City Chiefs +600 +600 +950 +1000
Philadelphia Eagles +900 +650 +1100 +1600
Miami Dolphins +3000 +2500 +1300 +1600
Detroit Lions +3000 +2200 +2000 +1800
Cleveland Browns +4000 +3500 +3500 +3500
Houston Texans +20000 +20000 +8000 +4000
Los Angeles Rams +3500 +10000 +6000 +4500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000 +10000 +12000 +6000
Green Bay Packers +3000 +6500 +18000 +9000
Pittsburgh Steelers +5500 +5000 +25000 +12000
Jacksonville Jaguars +2800 +3000 +3500 OTB
Indianapolis Colts +15000 +15000 +10000 OTB
Seattle Seahawks +7000 +3000 +12000 OTB
New Orleans Saints +5000 +3000 +20000 OTB
Atlanta Falcons +7500 +6000 +50000 OTB
Minnesota Vikings +4500 +3500 +80000 OTB
Cincinnati Bengals +900 +1100 OTB OTB
Denver Broncos +3000 +4500 OTB OTB
Chicago Bears +8000 +5000 OTB OTB
Las Vegas Raiders +4000 +8000 OTB OTB
New York Giants +4000 +6500 OTB OTB
Los Angeles Chargers +2200 +2500 OTB OTB
New York Jets +2800 +1600 OTB OTB
Washington Commanders +7000 +6500 OTB OTB
Tennessee Titans +7500 +8000 OTB OTB
Arizona Cardinals +20000 +40000 OTB OTB
Carolina Panthers +5500 +8000 OTB OTB
New England Patriots +6000 +6500 OTB OTB