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What Ravens win over Jaguars in Week 15 means for NFL playoff picture in AFC North, South

Baltimore beats Jacksonville. We break down what it means for the AFC playoff picture.

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15, 23-7. With the win, the Ravens clinched an AFC playoff spot. They sit atop the AFC North at 11-3. Their top-four spot in the AFC bracket is not quite guaranteed yet with the Browns winning on Sunday, but it shouldn’t be long until they clinch the North.

Jacksonville won’t be in panic mode quite yet, but their playoff hopes aren’t looking as comfortable as they were before this game. The Jaguars have now lost their last three games in a row and are tied with the Colts and Texans in the AFC South at 8-6. While the Jaguars still have top billing in the division thanks to tiebreaker rules, they will need to finish the season strong as Indianapolis and Houston stare down a division title that is now up for grabs.

At 8-6, the Jags are tied with the Bengals and Bills, as well. The race for an AFC Wild Card bid is extremely tight, and a division title will give the Jags a much more comfortable path to the postseason. They face the Buccaneers, Panthers and Titans to end the season. Those are all winnable games, but they have to right the ship after three losses in a row.