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NFL playoff picture: Who to root for in Week 15 if you are a Minnesota Vikings fan

The Vikings sit in 6th place in the NFC entering a Saturday matchup vs. the Bengals. We go over which teams Minnesota fans should be rooting for this week.

Fans cheer in the fourth quarter of a game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on December 10, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Vikings defeated the Raiders 3-0. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings pulled off a win in a barnburner in Week 14, taking down the mighty Las Vegas Raiders ... 3-0. That helped the Vikings big time in the playoff picture in the NFC. Minnesota sits at 7-6 and has a game on a handful of teams behind them in the standings. In 6th place, the Vikings control their own destiny the rest of the way. Minnesota has a good shot at the 6 or 7 seed in the conference so long as they don’t falter too much down the stretch. We go over rooting interest for Vikings fans this week. Remember, Minnesota faces the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15 on Saturday, not Sunday.

Saturday result: The Vikings lost a tough one in overtime to the Bengals. They led 17-3 but blew their lead in the fourth quarter en route to the loss. Minnesota drops to 7-7 with the loss and lost ground to the Lions, who beat the Broncos on Saturday evening. Detroit is now three back with three games remaining. The Vikings host the Lions in a critical Week 16 showdown.

Bucs vs. Packers

Result: The Packers lost to the Bucs 34-20 to fall to 6-8 on the season.

The Green Bay Packers sit in 7th place at 6-7 behind the Vikings in the NFC Wild Card standings. This is also an easy one for Vikings fans (you’d be rooting against the Packers anyway). The Bucs are also 6-7 but have first place in the NFC South on their minds. So if Tampa Bay wins, it doesn’t impact Minnesota all that much. The Packers are 3.5-point favorites on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Commanders vs. Rams

Result: The Rams beat the Commanders 28-20 to go 7-7 and they currently hold the 7th seed in the NFC playoffs, while the Vikings are in the 6th spot.

The Vikings don’t really have a shot to move out of the 6-seed in the NFC. So we’re rooting for teams behind Minnesota still. The Rams are another 6-7 team and sit in 8th place in the NFC entering Week 15. Los Angeles is also a more dangerous football team in the playoffs, not far removed from winning the Super Bowl. The Rams are 6.5-point favorites on DKSB.

Eagles vs. Seahawks

Philly is coming off back-to-back tough losses to top NFC teams in the 49ers and Cowboys. This feels like a pretty easy spot for a Seahawks loss. The Eagles are just 4-point favorites on the road in Seattle. The Rams, Packers and Seahawks losing could increase the cushion for Minnesota if the Vikings can win on Saturday. Even if the Vikings lose, as long as the Packers, Rams and Seahawks all lose, things don’t change and we move onto Week 16.