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DraftKings Pick6: Prizing Details

Learn all about how prizing works for the new DraftKings fantasy variant, Pick6.

DraftKings is providing fantasy sports fans a new way to compete against one another with Pick6. Those looking to learn more about how to play the game can go here.

How prizing works

Pick6 contest entries are scored based on the number of correct picks made by the participants. A portion of the total prize pool for each contest is pre-assigned to entries with a certain number of correct picks. Winning entries receive an even share of the prizes as described in each contest’s prize table. The fewer total winning entries in a contest, the larger the prize for each winning entry.

For example, a 5-Pick NFL contest with a $10,000 total prize pool may have the following prize structure:

5/5 Correct Splits $8,000

4/5 Correct Splits $2,000

In this example, if the contest ended with 320 entries having 5/5 correct, each entry would win $25 ($8,000 / 320 = $25). If you had two entries in the contest among the 320 winning entries, your total prizes for the contest would be $50 ($25 x 2 = $50).

When are prizes paid out

Winnings are processed once all games in a Pick Set have concluded and DraftKings has validated the stats for each game with official scoring providers. Typically, this occurs at the end of each night, but could be later.

There may be time between when a player’s picks have all gone final and when any winnings are issued to a player’s account. This is done to ensure that all results are accurate and match official stat providers before winnings are processed.

If a player would like to know how their potential winnings are progressing throughout a contest, check out the Live Prizing section within the My Picks tab.

How to utilize Live Prizing

Live Prizing allows you to see your potential winnings while contests are live.

NOTE: Values shown in the live prizing table are not guaranteed prize amounts at any time. Actual prizes awarded are based on contest results and are calculated and processed when each game in the pick set has gone final and player statistics from official league scoring have been finalized.

How a Pick6 Player can view their results

There are six steps to view personal results:

1. Login to DraftKings Pick6.

2. Navigate to the My Picks tab.

3. At the top of the page, select Recent.

4. To view results, navigate to the Pick Set you want to view and in the right hand corner click View Results.

5. The View Results button will open your Pick Set Details, which displays your picks and their statistical results.

What is Estimated Prizing?

Estimated Prizing is an approximation calculated using the average percentage of entries from contests of the same type that finished in prize positions over a given historical period (“Average Win Rate”), applying the Average Win Rate to the contest prize structure and multiplying by your Entry Fees. This calculation represents the average results for each prize position for a participant with your Entry Fees, assuming that every contest you enter will reach its maximum entry capacity by the contest start time.

Please note that Estimated Prizing amounts are not a promise of future results or the minimum prizes. Actual prizes awarded are based on contest results.

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Must be at least 18 years or older. Higher age limits may apply in some states. Eligibility restrictions apply. Valid only in states where DraftKings Pick6 operates. Void where prohibited. For entertainment purposes only. Winning a contest on DraftKings depends on knowledge and exercise of skill. See terms at