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Key players affected by NCAA eligibility ruling on Wednesday

Plenty of college basketball players can take to the floor that were previously ineligible. At least for the next two weeks.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-Montana State vs Kansas State Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against the NCAA on Wednesday, ruling that college athletes who transferred schools for a second time will no longer need to sit through the one-year waiting period that generally applies to such student-athletes. There will be a full hearing on December 27 that could reverse or confirm this ruling.

Student-athletes do not have to wait a full academic year before playing if they are either (1) a first-time transfer or (2) granted a waiver from the NCAA. However, student-athletes who transfer for a second time are required to sit out for an academic year before playing.

This two-week restraining order comes as a result of two compiled lawsuits — one filed in West Virginia, and the other filed by multiple states’ attorney generals led by Ohio. For those who follow college football, you may recall the drama with the NCAA and North Carolina’s Tez Walker, who was granted a waiver to play partway through the 2023 season. This ruling means that West Virginia basketball’s RaeQuan Battle, who testified at the hearing, will be able to join the team this season — at least, for the next two weeks.

In a statement following the hearing, Ohio attorney general Dave Yost said, “We’re challenging the rule to restore fairness, competition and the autonomy of college athletes in their educational pursuits.”

If these student-athletes take the court in the next two weeks, the schools take on some risk — if the current ruling is overturned, the NCAA reserves the right to vacate wins with the ineligible players or impose other sanctions on the programs that played ineligible players.

Here’s a partial list of players from Stadium’s Jeff Goodman who will be affected in the coming weeks by this restraining order, and we’ll add to it as we see more.

Partial list of players affected by NCAA ruling

RaeQuan Battle, WVU
Primo Spears, Florida State
Adam Miller, Arizona State
Brandon Murray, Ole Miss
Cam Hayes, East Carolina
Deivon Smith, Utah
David Green, Rhode Island
Joe Bamisile, VCU
Jalen Cook, LSU
Jamille Reynolds, Cincinnati
Jordan Ivy-Curry, UTSA
Justin Thomas, UTSA
Mike Saunders, McNeese State
CJ Felder, McNeese State
Noah Farrakhan, West Virginia
Ronnie DeGray, Wichita State
Sean Durugordon, Siena
Jusaun Holt, Kennesaw State
Baylor Hebb, UTEP
Javonte Brown, Western Michigan
Aaron Gray, Indiana State
Malik Edmead, Merrimack
Makhel Mitchell, Little Rock
Kenny White, UT Martin
Trey Bonham, Chattanooga
Anthony Thomas, Northwestern State
Tyree Ihenacho, North Dakota
Josh Taylor, Georgia State
James Graham, Utah Tech
Kendall Coleman, Cal Baptist
James Graham, Buffalo
Jarrett Hensley, Southern Illinois