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NFL playoff picture: Who to root for in Week 14 if you are a Denver Broncos fans

The Broncos enter Week 14 needing some help to get back into the top-7 in the AFC. We take a look at the playoff picture and who Denver fans should root for on Sunday.

Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos rushes for a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns at Empower Field At Mile High on November 26, 2023 in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos appeared to be headed for the bottom of the NFL standings and were a laughing stock through the first six weeks of the 2023 season. Now, after winning five of the past six games, the Broncos are back in the playoff picture in the AFC. Last week, the Broncos were unable to get by a pesky Texans team in a big matchup for the AFC Wild Card race. Denver will need some help the rest of the way. The Broncos take on the Los Angeles Chargers this week. Let’s look at who Broncos fans should be rooting for in Week 14.

Colts vs. Bengals

Admittedly, this is a game that doesn’t help the Broncos either way. The Colts are 7-5 and ahead of Denver but Cincy is 6-6 and in 10th place in the AFC while the Broncos are in 9th place. So would you rather the Colts win and take a jump up in the AFC South standings? Or have the Bengals win and knock Indy down to Denver’s level at 7-6? The Colts have a chance to win their division, so we’re inclined to side with Indy and hope the Bengals fall further off Denver’s trail in the standings. The other argument would be the Broncos don’t have a tiebreaker over Houston based on H2H, so the Texans winning the AFC South may be better. This game may not be worth getting a headache over as well.

Odds: Bengals -2, CIN ML -130

Chiefs vs. Bills

This will be a tough pill to swallow but Broncos fans need Kansas City to beat Buffalo this week. The Bills are sitting at 6-6 and are in 11th place in the AFC. Denver does have the tiebreaker over Buffalo, which is good news. The Chiefs are just 8-4 on the season, so the Broncos have a slim chance of winning the AFC West (emphasis on slim). It would be foolish to root for the potential to win the division as opposed to AFC WC competition losing on Sunday.

Odds: Chiefs -1.5, KC ML -122

Texans vs. Jets

This is a bit of a pipe dream but crazier things have happened. If Houston loses to the Jets on Sunday that would be relatively big considering the Texans beat the Broncos last week. Houston sits at 7-5 and has a realistic shot to win the AFC South. Again, a long shot for this one. But the Texans are a bit banged up and maybe QB Zach Wilson plays well enough to get the Jets a W.

Odds: Texans -3.5, HOU ML -175

If the Browns, Texans, Bengals and Bills all lose, and Denver wins, it would create a logjam at 7-6 in the AFC standings, which is favorable for the Broncos.