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The Pop-Tarts Bowl has an edible mascot and it’s your new favorite bowl game

The newly-christened Pop-Tarts Bowl will have giant Pop-Tart mascot. Made from a real Pop-Tart. College football is the best sport.

We’ve seen a Duke’s Mayo bath. We’ve seen a Cheez-Its bath. But get ready for bowl season’s next big gimmick: Welcome the edible mascot of the Pop-Tarts Bowl. The bowl, which will take place on Thursday, December 28 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, announced that it will feature the first ever edible mascot of a bowl.

The winning team will get to feast on the edible mascot after the game. But first, we have some questions:

  • What flavor will the giant Pop-Tart be?
  • Will there be a person inside of it, or will it just be a giant Pop-Tart with eyes and a mouth drawn onto the frosting?
  • Will every player get to take a bite, or will it be more of a coach thing?
  • Most importantly: Will the Pop-Tart be toasted? People do eat cold Pop-Tarts, but we find they’re just being lazy.

The bowl lineups will be announced on Sunday, December 4, so check in then to find out which college football teams will have a chance to participate in this historic bowl season moment.