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What Broncos win over Browns in Week 12 means for NFL playoff picture in AFC

Denver beats Cleveland 29-12 in Week 12. We break down what it means for the AFC playoff picture.

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos beat the Cleveland Browns by a score of 29-12 in Week 12 of the NFL season. That marks five straight wins for the Broncos, which vaults them into playoff contention in the AFC. Denver now has a winning record at 6-5, which is on the fringe of a wild card spot. They are tied with the Colts and Texans at that 6-5 mark, so Denver’s matchup at Houston next week is a pivotal game for both sides.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still in the top spot of the AFC West (8-3), followed by the Broncos at 6-5 and then the Raiders at 5-7. The Chargers are in last place of the division with a 4-6 record ahead of their Week 12 matchup against the Ravens.

With the loss, the Browns are now 7-4, which knocks them out of a tie for the top spot in the AFC North. That honor belongs to the Ravens, who are 8-3 heading into their Week 12 matchup at the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night Football.

The Pittsburgh Steelers improved to 7-4 with a win on Sunday, so they are tied with Cleveland for the second spot in the AFC North and No. 5 seed in the AFC. Next Sunday, the Browns will stay on the road to face the Los Angeles Rams.