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The Big Ten should just go ahead and make Michigan-Ohio State the title game

No one is trying to waste their time watching Iowa in Indianapolis. Let “The Game” be for the league title.

Illinois v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The No. 17 Iowa Hawkeyes just defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 13-10 via a last-second field goal, capping one of the more abominable games you will watch this year. The contest was the exact offensive horrorshow you would expect from these two teams, as they managed to hit the under for a game that closed with a record-low total of 24.5. The ineptitude was glaring in the final minute as Iowa QB Deacon Hill was picked off with 31 seconds left, only for Nebraska QB Chuba Purdy to be picked off a few plays later.

Iowa finished the regular season 10-2 and as Big Ten West champions, they will head to the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis next Saturday to meet the winner of No. 2 Ohio State and No. 3 Michigan. But hear me out....what if the Big Ten just made Ohio State-Michigan the title game? Because no one is trying to waste their time watching Iowa.

Sorry, not sorry. I don’t care if they have 10 wins. This Hawkeye offense has been a meme for its inability to generate points and their nepo-baby at offensive coordinator couldn’t even hit the benchmarks required of him this year to keep his job. Considering that their defense has been world class, the total neglect on the other side of the ball has arguably kept them from being a legitimate College Football Playoff contender. And despite this, they’ve been the beneficiaries of playing in one of the weakest divisions in the entire sport in the Big Ten West, a division where NONE of its champions have ever gone on to win the Big Ten title game.

Nah man. We don’t have to waste our time with Kirk Ferentz football next weekend. This is the second straight year where the Michigan-Ohio State game will be the highest stakes contest of the entire season, as both teams are undefeated heading into it. One team will most likely be knocked out of the College Football Playoff field entirely, while the other could have a case for being the No. 1 seed. Cut out the middle man and bring the Big Ten Championship trophy to Ann Arbor. Send Penn State to Indianapolis next Saturday and they can play Iowa Orange Bowl berth or something.

Fortunately, the Big Ten is scrapping divisions next year with USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington joining the league. The two teams with the best conference records will qualify for the title game, most likely weeding out an offensively inept team in the weaker division. You got away with it this time, Ferentz. That ends next year.