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Best items to buy during Dolphins-Jets game broadcast by Amazon Prime

Prime combines the Black Friday shopping experience with Thanksgiving football this year.

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Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

This week, Amazon Prime will host the first ever Black Friday NFL broadcast. The New York Jets will take on the Miami Dolphins on Friday, November 24, a day traditionally reserved for getting great deals and sleeping off Thanksgiving dinner.

But there’s an odd twist — in a move that feels very Truman Show-like, the broadcast will also feature QR codes that will unveil surprise Black Friday deals throughout the game. Amazon spent $100 million to earn the rights to the first ever Black Friday broadcast in hopes of big returns. Rather than going out shopping, people will stay home to watch football and shop at one of the biggest online retailers in the country:

Better yet, while one usually needs a Prime subscription to watch Amazon broadcasts, this will be available to anyone who simply has an Amazon account, which will likely prompt plenty of viewers to sign up for the retailer’s streaming and subscription service. This has already been proven as an effective tactic — when Amazon opened up their first Thursday Night Football broadcast to all viewers, they brought in a significant amount of new Prime members.

Aside from the QR codes that will offer special deals throughout the game, viewers will receive targeted ads. If they like the product in the advertisement, the viewer will be able to add the product to their Amazon cart with a click, never opening another device or window or taking their eyes off the game.

So if we have no choice but to lean into this new Big Brother world that Jeff Bezos is building around us, we’ll take a look at some of the best products you can get during the Dolphins-Jets game.

If you’re a Tyreek Hill fantasy manager and his yardage this week makes you want to do a flip, go ahead and grab a selfie stick, a la Hill himself — just hope you won’t get fined for it. Or you could channel the injured Aaron Rodgers with a podcast mic or some crystals (is that the kind of thing he’s into?). Has Sauce Gardner released a line of pasta sauces yet? If he hasn’t, his name may still inspire some marinara purchases this weekend.

The game kicks off at 3:00 p.m. ET on Friday. Happy shopping!