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All 2023 college football conference championship game scenarios

Who will play for a league title next weekend? Here’s all the scenarios for all 10 FBS conferences ahead of the final weekend of the regular season.

Chattanooga v Alabama Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

It’s all gone by too fast, but we’re really here — it’s the final week of the 2023 college football regular season. Plenty of games this weekend have conference title and CFP implications, so before the games get underway, we’ll take a look at every potential conference championship scenario in FBS.

American Conference

The American Conference Championship will consist of some combination of Tulane, SMU, and UTSA, all of whom are 7-0 in conference. Tulane and UTSA play each other on Black Friday, and SMU faces Navy. If SMU wins, they are in. The winner of the UTSA-Tulane game is also in if SMU wins. If SMU loses, they could still sneak over the loser of the UTSA-Tulane game due to the rankings-based AAC tiebreaker rules.


Florida State and Louisville have already clinched a berth to the ACC championship.

Big 12

Some combination of Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State will compete in the Big 12 Championship. If Texas defeats Texas Tech this weekend, they will have punched their ticket. If they lose, they will still be able to go if either (1) Oklahoma State loses or (2) all three other contenders win.

Kansas State and Oklahoma each need a win — and some other magic to happen — to get in and avoid a complicated tiebreaker scenario. Kansas State, with a win, needs either (1) a Texas loss or (2) both an Oklahoma and an Oklahoma State loss. Oklahoma, with a win, needs either (1) an Oklahoma State loss or (2) a Texas and a Kansas State loss.

Oklahoma State needs a win along with either (1) a Texas win or (2) a Texas loss and a Kansas State loss. If they lose to BYU, they can still get in with either (1) a Texas win and an Oklahoma loss, or (2) an Oklahoma loss and a Kansas State loss.

Big Ten

Iowa won the West and has clinched a berth to the Big Ten Championship. The winner of the Ohio State-Michigan game this weekend will be the second participant.

Conference USA

Liberty and New Mexico State will compete for the Conference USA title.

Mid-American (MAC)

Miami (OH) and Toledo will compete in the MAC Championship.

Mountain West

Some combination of UNLV, Air Force, San Jose State, and Boise State will participate in the Mountain West Championship. UNLV is in with a win, and for the other three, who are all tied in conference play, a win with losses from the other two 5-2 MWC teams would catapult them to the title game.

UNLV faces SJSU and Boise State faces Air Force this week, so we will get two losers out of the pack no matter what. However, UNLV could still get in with a loss because the Mountain West uses a computer generated tiebreaker model.


Washington has locked down a spot in the championship game, and either Oregon or Arizona will claim the second spot. Oregon need either (1) a win this week or (2) an Arizona loss this week to reach the title game. Arizona needs both a win and an Oregon loss to reach the title game this week.


Alabama and Georgia have already punched their ticket to the SEC Championship Game.

Sun Belt

Troy has clinched a Sun Belt Championship berth in the East, but in the west, three schools should remain in contention this week: James Madison, App State, and Coastal Carolina. However, James Madison remains ineligible for postseason play until next year, so it will come down to App State and Coastal.

If one of them wins this weekend and one loses (App State faces Georgia Southern and Coastal faces JMU), the team that won will head to the championship game. If both win or both lose, Coastal will punch their ticket, as they won the head-to-head against App State earlier this season.