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Michigan blocks Fox cameras with signage because it’s fine. Everything is fine!

Are the Wolverines worried about someone stealing their signs? Huh. really makes you think.

Michigan Wolverines interim head coach Sherrone Moore before the game against Maryland at SECU Stadium. Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Very funny, Michigan!

The Michigan Wolverines blocked a Fox skycam shot that was trained on a sideline huddle in what we must assume was meant to be some sort of self-referential joke. It probably would have played better if it had come from a Michigan opponent — after all, the allegations regard Michigan’s sign-stealers, not Michigan’s signs being stolen.

Earlier this week, Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan accepted the Big Ten’s three-game suspension of the head coach. Harbaugh was absent from the sidelines for last week’s win over Penn State. He is also missing the current game against Maryland, and next week’s rivalry matchup against Ohio State.

Was this perhaps a hint at how Michigan has been stealing signs over the last few seasons? We get it, Wolverines — it’s Michigan vs. everybody. But we’re not so sure that everyone else is finding this as funny as you’re finding yourselves here.