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Who’s improving, who’s falling in Super Bowl 58 odds after Week 10

Week 10 is wrapping up as teams attempt to separate from the pack. We break down what it all means for Super Bowl 58 odds.

Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As Week 10 wraps up, we take a look at how this weekend’s results affected different teams’ Super Bowl 58 odds. Who rose and who fell? Let’s take a look.

Who had the best Week 10 performance?

The Houston Texans came onto a massive stage in Cincinnati and beat a Bengals’ team that had rolled over the 49ers and Bills in their last two games. CJ Stroud is making an early case for MVP, and the Texans looked like a complete team today, as RB Devin Singletary finished the day with 150 rushing yards and the Houston defense grabbed two interceptions and made some major stops.

The Vikings are also looking fantastic with Josh Dobbs at the helm. In a 27-19 win over the Saints, with their two top running backs injured, Minnesota pulled through with a big game from tight end TJ Hockenson.

However, the best two performances of Week 10 came from the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. Both completely bulldozed their opponents — Dak Prescott had four passing touchdowns on Sunday, and Brock Purdy had three. Both teams looked elite in a league that has been defined by parity this season.

Which favorites have work to do?

The Baltimore Ravens gave up a huge lead over the Cleveland Browns and lost their third close game of the season. They could just as easily be a one- or two-loss team heading into Week 11, but the tight ones have not fallen in their favor. Lamar Jackson threw two interceptions in the loss.

The Cincinnati Bengals looked very promising as we began November, turning things around from a shaky start, but a tough loss against the Texans in Week 10 set them back. They have a mountain ahead of them to climb if they hope to secure a playoff spot, and they can’t continue to revisit those early season woes.

How would we rank the 6-3 teams in the AFC?

The Dolphins sit at the top of the list, and the second spot likely belongs to the Browns. Their defense has been elite, but they have failed to truly dominate in the last several weeks, Cardinals win aside.

The Jaguars follow — they’ve been good, but not consistently good, and it feels like they’ve taken a step backwards from last year’s success. The Steelers round out the bottom of the rankings. It feels like the other shoe will drop any day now in Pittsburgh.

Which NFC team with four or fewer wins is most likely to secure a playoff berth?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the most likely. The rest of the group includes the likes of the Cardinals, the Commanders, the Giants, and the Packers. The Bucs benefit from being in a less competitive division than many other teams — with just four wins on their resume this season, they sit at second place in the NFC South, behind only the Saints. The Bucs could easily pull ahead in the second half of the season to claim a playoff berth.

Here’s a full list of Super Bowl 58 odds heading into Week 10, and how they compare with the opening numbers, Week 1, and last week. All odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Super Bowl odds 2023-24

Team Feb 12 Week 1 Week 13 Week 14
Team Feb 12 Week 1 Week 13 Week 14
San Francisco 49ers +750 +1000 +400 +320
Philadelphia Eagles +900 +650 +450 +550
Kansas City Chiefs +600 +600 +425 +650
Miami Dolphins +3000 +2500 +800 +700
Baltimore Ravens +2200 +1800 +800 +850
Dallas Cowboys +1400 +1400 +900 +850
Jacksonville Jaguars +2800 +3000 +1500 +1000
Detroit Lions +3000 +2200 +1200 +1400
Houston Texans +20000 +20000 +7500 +4000
Buffalo Bills +700 +900 +5000 +5000
Pittsburgh Steelers +5500 +5000 +7000 +7500
Indianapolis Colts +15000 +15000 +12000 +7500
Green Bay Packers +3000 +6500 +15000 +7500
Cleveland Browns +4000 +3500 +6500 +9000
Seattle Seahawks +7000 +3000 +6500 +9000
Atlanta Falcons +7500 +6000 +12000 +9000
Los Angeles Rams +3500 +10000 +15000 +9000
Denver Broncos +3000 +4500 +7500 +10000
Minnesota Vikings +4500 +3500 +10000 +12000
New Orleans Saints +5000 +3000 +12000 +12000
Los Angeles Chargers +2200 +2500 +12000 +12000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000 +10000 +20000 +15000
Cincinnati Bengals +900 +1100 +25000 +40000
Las Vegas Raiders +4000 +8000 +50000 +50000
Washington Commanders +7000 +6500 +50000 +50000
New York Giants +4000 +6500 +50000 +50000
New York Jets +2800 +1600 +20000 +60000
Chicago Bears +8000 +5000 +50000 +60000
Tennessee Titans +7500 +8000 +50000 +100000
Arizona Cardinals +20000 +40000 +100000 +100000
Carolina Panthers +5500 +8000 +100000 OTB
New England Patriots +6000 +6500 +100000 OTB