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The Skrulls continue to get the rawest deal in the MCU

Through ‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Secret Invasion,’ ands now ‘The Marvels,’ can these shape shifting aliens please get some piece?

Marvel Studios

Spoilers for Secret Invasion and The Marvels are ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Can someone please think of the Skrulls? Some of us either have or are about to see The Marvels and justifiably will like the chemistry between Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau despite some shortcomings. I did enjoy it, but something irked me a bit. There have been a few MCU projects now where the Skrulls have been left hanging and used by some of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Given the immensity of what’s going on with the multiverse and how Secret Invasion faltered, I’m not sure if this story has enough time to come full circle. If I were a Skrull (maybe I am), I would never be able to believe anything Carol, Nick Fury, or anybody told me because there is a litany of promises that have been broken.

Consider that in 2019’s Captain Marvel, it was first shown the Skrulls were the potential villains. Thankfully, Talos was able to set things straight and show that the Kree were, in fact, in the wrong. Due to the war. thousands of Skrulls were displaced looking for a home. Both Carol and Nick promised them they would aid in finding the aliens a permanent place to live. Not only did that not happen, the Skrulls had to witness being betrayed in different ways. There’s the Nick Fury of it all – where the Skrulls aided him being a shadowy spy force and gathering the blood of the Avengers after the Battle of New York for how we got Super Skrulls. (and a ridiculously overpowered G’iah)

Marvel Studios

Well, they didn’t find a permanent home. Instead, the Skrulls started to fight amongst one another as a big resistance pocket led by Gravik emerged. Talos and Gravik die, and humans hate the Skrulls because of what happened. President Ritson declares them the enemy, and Skrulls are killed out in the open. Then Fury returns to SABER, hoping to broker a peace treaty between the Skrulls and Kree while all the turmoil is happening on Earth. Will there even be Skrulls left by the time Fury is done? Who knows!

This brings us to the events of The Marvels, where Fury appears to be still working on the treat (ok, I’ll give a pass because these things take time). So, let’s talk about Carol. The Kree lose out on their natural resources in Hala and go into an endless state of war because Captain Marvel destroys the supreme intelligence. It was necessary based on the events of her standalone film, but it left a tremendous power vacuum. The Skrulls seem to be at peace on Tarnax and at least on the doorstep of understanding with Dar-Benn. Because they are linked with Carol (or “The Anilihator), Tarnax gets destroyed, and many Skrulls die.

Now, they have to move again and stay in New Asgard inside the planet where everybody hates them. As a last middle finger, Carol conjures her powers and restarts the sun on Hala as atonement for taking away their (evil) leader. Captain Marvel struggles with her nickname and her actions throughout the film. I wouldn’t go as far as to say she knowingly didn’t think about the safety of the Skrulls. Having said that, they have been a massive blindspot of the people who have shown them the possibility of hope and returned nothing.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has much to deal with going forward with Kang and his variants, branching timelines, and war on the way. I hope they give the Skrulls a happy ending because they’ve been through enough.