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OSU loses 15 yards from penalty on... Ryan Day?

Buckeyes head coach was called for interference on the sideline in the second half. Fortunately, Ohio State would just score on the next play.

Ohio State v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ryan Day, back away! The Ohio State head coach was called for a sideline penalty mid-play in a very unique situation in the Buckeyes’ Week 6 matchup against Maryland.

In the fourth quarter of the Big Ten matchup, OSU quarterback Kyle McCord threw a huge 37-yard pass to Marvin Harrison, Jr. to pick up a first down on 2nd-and-33. A flag went down on the field, but it wasn’t holding or pass interference. No: Buckyes head coach Ryan Day had touched a referee and was called for sideline interference — certainly not something we see every day.

The penalty resulted in a loss of 15 yards, but the Buckeyes still had the first down. Lucky for Day, they scored on the next play to go up 27-17 over the Terrapins.