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Tank watch: Chicago Bears in early control of No. 1 & 2 picks in 2024 NFL Draft

Which teams are set up for an early draft pick through the first four weeks of the season?

USC vs Colorado in Boulder, CO.

Week 5 is here and even though is seems way too early, teams have to think about their chances of making the playoffs and making a run versus their chances of an early draft pick in a year with a very strong group of college quarterbacks in the 2024 draft.

Yes, Caleb Williams is the no-doubt first overall pick, but there are others out there who can be strong starters in the NFL and lord knows the NFL needs all the strong starters they can get. North Carolina’s Drake Maye, Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders, Washington’s Michael Penix Jr., Texas’ Quinn Ewers and even more possibilities could sneak into the first round this year.

But, Williams is the once in a lifetime prospect teams would actually tank for. Not lose games on purpose mind you, but trade away veterans or just not look to improve their standing during the season. The Chicago Bears are the team currently in the lead for that coveted spot. And despite having their own first round pick in Justin Fields, all signs point to them trading him in for Williams. Amazingly, the Bears also have the Panthers No. 1 pick, which means at this point in the season, they control the No. 1 and No. 2 picks.

It’s still very early, but the Bears have two routes to the overall No. 1 pick and with the way things have been going this season, a rebuild with those picks is very much needed.

Here’s the draft order for the top 18 teams who wouldn’t make the playoffs at this point in the season. SOS serves as the tiebreaker and comes via Tankathon.

2024 NFL Draft order

Pk Team Record SOS
Pk Team Record SOS
1 Chicago 0-4 0.456
2 Carolina (Chicago) 0-4 0.544
3 Las Vegas 1-3 0.456
4 Denver 1-3 0.471
5 Minnesota 1-3 0.485
6 NY Jets 1-3 0.544
7 New England 1-3 0.544
8 Cincinnati 1-3 0.574
9 Arizona 1-3 0.588
10 NY Giants 1-3 0.603
11 Green Bay 2-2 0.397
12 New Orleans 2-2 0.412
13 Houston (Arizona) 2-2 0.441
14 LA Chargers 2-2 0.471
15 Cleveland (Houston) 2-2 0.471
16 Washington 2-2 0.544
17 Jacksonville 2-2 0.544
18 LA Rams 2-2 0.588