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Best landing spots for Vikings QB Kirk Cousins at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline

We go over the best possible teams the veteran QB could end up on if the Vikings opt to trade him before the deadline on Oct. 31.

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

10/30 update: Cousins suffered a season-ending Achilles injury on Sunday and won’t be shopped at the trade deadline. He is likely going to become a free agent this offseason as he works to come back from his injury.

Will the Vikings trade Kirk Cousins after a 3-4 start to the season? With Justin Jefferson on IR and a playoff berth looking further away by the week, the Vikings may be big sellers at the deadline. Cousins, at 35 years old, will likely age out of the league soon, and the Vikings may be looking to grab an early first round pick to invest in a younger quarterback.

If they decide to trade Cousins, here are some of the landing spots that would make sense for the veteran QB.

2023 NFL Trade Deadline: Kirk Cousins landing spots

New York Jets

Would the Jets be crazy to sign on two quarterbacks in their late 30s within a year? Yes, probably. But with all the pieces in place for a deep playoff run except for a QB, Cousins may be the best option they have right now. Aaron Rodgers is not expected to return during the regular season after tearing his Achilles, and while Zach Wilson has been serviceable, the Jets have built their season around the assumption of having a top quarterback leading the way.

New England Patriots

Mac Jones has not been what the Patriots expected — and not in a good way. Jones has struggled with consistency issues on the field, and Bill Belichick may be fed up and looking for someone who knows what they’re doing. Cousins’ experience would be a huge plus for this Pats squad. However, they may be the ones selling come trade deadline.

Washington Commanders

Sam Howell has been serviceable for the Commanders this season, but Cousins, who played with the Commanders in the 2010s, would massively elevate this offense. The Commanders find themselves in a very challenging conference, and if they have any hopes of a playoff run this season, they will need a Cousins-sized change in the offense.