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Report: WWE owner Vince McMahon planning to return following brief retirement following sexual misconduct scandal

The owner is reportedly planning to come out of retirement to pursue a sale of the company.

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WWE majority owner Vince McMahon is planning to return to pursue a sale of the company, per Lauren Thomas of the Wall Street Journal. The news comes just over five months after he retired in July amidst an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. In his absence, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon has served as the co-CEO of the company with Nick Khan while his son-in-law Paul Levesque (Triple H) has taken control of the creative direction.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news last June that the WWE’s board was investigating McMahon about a secret $3 million settlement he paid to an employee for whom he had an alleged affair. Amidst this news, he stepped down from his roles as both the chairman and CEO of the company, but still retained a majority stake while still heading up the creative direction. The WSJ later reported in July that the controversial wrestling promoter had paid four women $12 million in “hush” money to keep quiet about their affairs and instances of misconduct. Just two weeks after this report, McMahon took to Twitter where he officially announced his retirement.

In December, the WSJ would report that the McMahon was facing even more legal challenges from two women who alleged sexual abuse by the disgraced owner. Despite this, reports began to surface that McMahon was planning a comeback, as he operated on the belief that the scandal would’ve blown over had he remained in charge.