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What is a Mountain Dew Pitch Black match?

No seriously, what is it?

2017 WWE SummerSlam Set Number: X161332 TK1

The 2023 Royal Rumble is just about to get going at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX, and there’s several questions heading into the show. One of them: what the heck is a Mountain Dew Pitch Black match?

If you are confused, don’t worry, most people are. Bray Wyatt will finally return to the ring to take on LA Knight in the first iteration of a match type with this stipulation. With the WWE, it could go a ton of different ways. The most likely is that they will cut the lights, leaving the crowd to light the arena with their firefly phone flashlights. The problem with this is that it could end up flopping HARD like the red tint Hell in a Cell match from 2019.

Wyatt and “Uncle Howdy” have played quite the mind games with LA Knight. He has been kidnapped and supposedly tortured by the duo. This is the first storyline that Wyatt has been involved in since his return, and there needs to be some payoff with this match. The question remains, though...what are we about to witness?

Also, how will the title sponsor Mountain Dew be involved. We will find out together as a family.