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DraftKings Reignmakers | Divisional Round Contest Recap

Lucky Trader’s Hunter Langille recaps all the major fantasy football contests from the Divisional Round of DraftKings Reignmakers.

This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: DraftKings Reignmakers | Divisional Round Contest Recap

The Divisional Round concluded Sunday with a two-game Reignmakers slate. The key to winning on Saturday was having multiple Eagles and Travis Kelce, who scored 10 points more than anyone else on the entire weekend. On Sunday, it was necessary to have a Bengals stack with CeeDee Lamb.

With both slates featuring only two games, it wasn’t hard to roster the perfect lineup. In fact, the Sunday CORE contest saw the top seven finishers roster the perfect lineup, while the Saturday winner solo-shipped with it.

Amongst the four SuperStars left, only Josh Allen was eliminated over the weekend, leaving Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey to pick from.

With the remaining teams now cut in half, it will be interesting to see if the majority of Reignmakers players choose to sell before the end of the season. Players should keep in mind DraftKings announced that 2022 cards can be exchanged for 2023 cards using a “craft and burn” functionality.

CORE Saturday

The winner of the CORE contest on Saturday was AC22, the only player to have the perfect lineup construction. This was an unlikely team to build due thanks to Kenneth Gainwell, who received extra carries in the fourth quarter with the Eagles up big. Miles Sanders is still the preferred card to own going into Philly’s matchup with the 49ers next weekend.

ELITE Saturday

The winner of $20,000 in the ELITE contest on Saturday was walterfootball. who double-stacked Hurts with DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert. Most players at the top of this contest had Travis Etienne, who scored significantly more than Jerick McKinnon despite the latter being the highest “Riser” in the marketplace last week. Etienne is the only member of this team who cannot be used next week.

“The Alpha” Saturday

StealCityHall won Saturday’s “The Alpha” tournament with four players from the Chiefs-Jaguars game paired with Saquon Barkley. In this field of 45 players, this user didn’t need any fantasy points from Eagles players to secure the win. Unfortunately, more than half the players on this team are done for the season.

CORE Sunday

The winner of the CORE Fiat Frenzy on Sunday was lawrencedr2, who won a seven-way tie among teams with the perfect lineup construction. This team had McCaffrey as its SuperStar to go along with a three-man Bengals stack without a Buffalo player as a bring-back. Buffalo couldn’t keep this snow-filled game close against Burrow and company.

ELITE Sunday

Jesse711 won the ELITE contest on Sunday with the same team as the CORE winner, this time without a tie-breaker. In this field of 666 players, Jesse711 was the only one to score more than 100 DKFP. Only Lamb will be ineligible for use next weekend.

“The Alpha” Sunday

And finally, shalhoub23 won “The Alpha,” breaking a three-way tie at the top. This team won despite Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs underwhelming on Sunday. Both Joe Mixon and Ja’Marr Chase will be pivotal plays next week as Cincinnati travels to Arrowhead Stadium.

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