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Will Aaron Glenn be an NFL head coach in 2023?

We discuss whether an NFL team will hire Lions defensive coordinator and which opening fits him best.

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn put himself in position to potentially take over an NFL team as a head coach with the Lions’ quick turnaround this past season. Detroit was in contention for a playoff spot in the final day of the regular season but was eliminated before it took the field for a road victory over the Green Bay Packers in the finale.

Who is Aaron Glenn?

Glenn was in charge of the Lions defense for the last two seasons and spent five seasons with Dan Campbell for the New Orleans Saints where Glenn oversaw the secondary from 2016-20. He was the assistant secondary coach with the Cleveland Browns the two years before joining the Saints.

Glenn worked in the New York Jets front office in 2012 as a college area scout, and he was a pro personnel scout in 2013. Prior to entering the coaching industry, he played 15 years in the NFL and is a former first-round draft pick out of Texas A&M. He played with the Jets (1994-2001), Houston Texans (2002-04), Dallas Cowboys (2005-06), Jacksonville Jaguars (2007) and Saints (2008). Glenn was a three-time pro bowler.

Why would he make a good head coach?

Glenn has experience at all levels of an NFL franchise with his time as a player, front office member and coach. If he lands a head coaching job in this cycle, it won’t be because of the Lions’ defensive team statistics as Detroit allowed 6.2 yards per play this season, which ranked dead last in the NFL. However, the Lions defense is filled with young talent as a unit that should be much improved as they continue to develop as pros.

Which teams are interviewing him?

Arizona Cardinals

If Glen gets a HC job this cycle, it will be due to his experience more than how the Lions defense has played over the 2022 season statistically. But, the defense did step up when the Lions went on a late season run to almost get into the playoffs. His ability to manage men playing a game is what he’s good at and what he’d be hired for.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are pretty much a blank slate due to their total lack of a quarterback. Owner Jim Irsay is all about bringing the right culture to his team that a strong, reliable presence like Glenn could be a good fit.