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Random person named Scott Stallings got Masters golfer’s invitation in the mail

The golfer received a DM from the other Stallings regarding the invite.

Where is Augusta getting their mailing list? PGA TOUR golfer Scott Stallings received a direct message this week from none other than Scott Stallings — a different one, who happens to not only have the same name as the pro, but whose wife has the same name.

The other Stallings received the pro’s Masters invitation in the mail and reached out, clarifying that while he does indeed play golf, the invitation was certainly not meant for him.

As funny as it would have been for this random Scott Stallings to show up at the Masters with an invitation and a bag of clubs in hand, the qualified golfer will be the one headed to Augusta in April. All of the non-famous Rory McIlroys and Tony Finaus out there should keep an eye on the mailbox this week after this mix-up.

The 2023 Masters will take place from April 6 to April 9.