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2023 Golden Globes live blog

Follow along with us as The Golden Globes attempt to come back from the dead.

US-Entertainment-film-television-Globes Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

There’s no telling what will happen tonight in the first Golden Globes awards ceremony in over a year. Follow DK Nation on this live blog for our reactions to the show.

2023 Golden Globes live updates and results

8:00 p.m.: Jerrod Carmichael rightfully addresses the elephant in the room concerning the scandals. But I guess we’re moving right along with the show. The awkwardness could fill a stadium.

8:10 p.m.: Yay, Ke Huey Quan wins Best Supporting Actor! I had picked him to win the award, and hopefully, this is a headwind for him to get an Oscar win as well.

8:14 p.m: Angela Bassett deservingly won Best Supporting Actress! She was the anchor of a heavy Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film. This is a graceful speech. “By the grace of God, I stand here.” I can’t imagine how hard it had to be to even do this movie with that much grief attached to it. However, a veteran like Angela Bassett was well-equipped to lead the charge.

8:23 p.m.: here’s the full acceptance speech from Ke Huey Quan to bask in:

8:26 p.m.: Angela Bassett is the first action to win a major individual acting award for a Marvel movie.

8:27 p.m.: I love Jennifer Coolidge. That was a long intro to the award. Funny, nevertheless, though.

8:28 p.m.: Two out of three awards winners thus far have been Black actors. Congrats to Tyler James Williams and hopefully many more for the marvelous Abbott Elementary.

8:31 p.m.: Going back to Jerrod’s monologue, I’m happy he’s not shying away from the controversy and went for the jugular. “When you’re asked to be the Black face of an embattled white organization, life comes at you fast.”

8:34 p.m.: Why are you bringing us back from the commercial with the main theme from The Exorcist?

8:36 p.m.: I did not see Justin Hurwitz Babylon winning for the Score-Motion Picture category. However, it's an excellent score if you haven't seen it yet. I’m not mad at the pick at all. I agree with his speech that people should be allowed to try new things.

8:38 p.m.: As far as I was concerned, there was only one choice for this category: "Naatu Naatu” from RRR.

8:42 p.m.: Whoever was in charge of picking the presenters of the Golden Globes watched The White Lotus and told Jennifer Coolidge, “more of that.”

8:45 p.m.: Just a random thought, there’s a severe lack of horror love in these categories. No Mia Goth for Pearl. Not even Keke Palmer for Nope.

8:49 p.m.: The Bear is probably my favorite show of 2022. Severance is up there, but The Bear is a phenomenal piece of media. Jeremy Allen White is only getting started. Keep an eye out for The Iron Claw (an A24 film about the Von Erich family) that he’ll be in.

8:52 p.m.: We are two-for-two for Abbott Elementary wins. Quinta Brunson gets a much-deserved victory lap for the Best Actress in the Television series category. This is why networks must take a chance on fresh and inventive creators because audiences will respond. (Looking at you, Netflix).

9:00 p.m.: It’s been almost seven years since Anti dropped. We can wait for an album a bit longer.

9:01 p.m.: Collin Ferrell had a hell of 2022 that was capped off with The Banshees of Inisherin. (Don’t be surprised if it wins best picture Oscar time). Yes, you can forget that piano.

9:04 p.m.: My girlfriend observed that everybody is wearing sparkly dresses. Was there any doubt that Michelle Yeoh was going to win? Forty years is too long to recognize her amazingness, but tonight is only the start. Glad she’s discussing the ageist part of Hollywood while threatening to beat up whoever is playing the “wrap it up” music.

9:08 p.m.: Stephanie Hsu was robbed of a nomination. Let’s make that clear right now.

9:10 p.m.: Here’s the part of Angela Bassett’s speech where she spoke about the late Chadwick Boseman:

9:15 p.m.: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a great retelling of a story we have all known for years and years. The technical work behind the stop-motion aspects is incredible. Honestly, there are a lot of good animated films in that category. Yes, animation is an essential medium of storytelling. (looking at you, HBO Max).

9:19 p.m.: A little bit of a surprise because I for sure thought Brendan Fraser was going to take this category for The Whale. Austin Butler fully dove into being Elvis to the point that you forget it’s him.

9:22 p.m.: I know Brendan Fraser chose not to attend the Golden Globes because of the alleged claims of sexual assault against former Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk. I don’t think this hurts his Oscar stock at all. But I would hate for that to get in the way of a potential win.

9:28 p.m.: (Yes, that was a Scientology dig by Jerrod)

9:28: p.m.: Zendaya wins – I wish the second season of Euphoria was a little better, though. Episode five was what brought it home.

9:32 p.m.: Finally, SOME justice for Ruth, indeed.

9:35 p.m.: Well, that Ye joke will make the rounds this week, won’t it?

9:42 p.m.: Pose, American Horror Story, and more. Very classy for Ryan Murphy to give MJ, Billy, Niecey, Matt, and Jeremy their props during his speech. Especially given the current (and unjust) climate surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

9:55 p.m.: TÁR is an amazing performance by Cate Blanchett. Viola Davis and Michelle Williams were also deserving to win as well.

10:08 p.m.: Wow! The Banshees of Inisherin pulled off the win there.

10:09 p.m.: There’s The Fabelmans win. It will be a heated race between The Banshees of Inisherin and The Fabelmans come Oscar time. It’s a very personal story for Spielberg. No wonder why he’s so out and front about it. It’s a beautiful film about movie making and viewing our parents through a different lens when we’re older.

10:21 p.m.: If you haven’t seen Black Bird yet, use that Apple + free trial (I know you still have it) and start.

10:23 p.m.: let’s brace ourselves for an entertaining Jennifer Coolidge acceptance speech.

10:29 p.m.: Yup. There it was.

10:33 p.m.: Ahhh man. A Whitney Houston reference.

10:34 p.m.: There was a film that was supposed to be based on Elizabeth Holmes. Amanda Seyfried’s portrayal in The Dropout made that damn near impossible to make. Also, there’s much to say about the Monster Netflix series, but Evan Peters dialed into that role.

10:37 p.m.: Cue The White Lotus theme.

10:47 p.m.: Look at all these iconic roles Eddie Murphy has done. This man’s catalog off acting alone is legendary. We haven’t even gotten to the comedian part with the specials and SNL.

10:52 p.m.: Allow me to provide you with one of my favorite scenes of Eddie Murphy’s long-storied career:

11:00 p.m.: We are getting into late territory, and I’m shocked it’s going this long. Not surprised Kevin Costner won for Yellowstone.

11:02 p.m.: A perfect bow on the night itself – Abbott Elementary deserves all the accolades it’s getting.

11:05 p.m.: Looking at all of the nominees, and yeah...Natasha is right. A lot of death. Physically. Emotionally.

11:06 p.m.: Game of Thrones series finale redemption is here, friends.

11:10 p.m.: We are coming down to the last two awards of the evening. Who is heading straight to bed after this?

11:13 p.m.: The Banshees have it. Didn’t think it would win the musical/comedy category, but it pulled the upset.

11:16 p.m.: Jerrod left a last-minute joke hanging for Quentin there. Looked like he had to gather himself.

11:17 p.m.: And the last award of the night goes to The Fabelmans. Seriously, this has to be considered your Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture, Actress, and Director.

11:21 p.m.: My first thought is that I am very happy that a diverse array of candidates won awards tonight. There is still some weirdness around the award show and a lot of atonement the HFPA has to do that has to come with sustained improvement. There were some feel-good moments., Ultimately, the public will decide if they care.