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UFC Event Pack Rebate - Terms & Conditions

UFC Event Packs include Fight Night Packs ($19.99) and Pay-Per-View Packs ($34.99). The first time a customer purchases a Fight Night Pack or a Pay-Per-View Pack, DraftKings will credit the customer’s account with a rebate of $10 DK Dollars or $25 DK Dollars, respectively for a total purchase price of $9.99 after rebate. Limit 1 rebate per customer, while supplies last. DK Dollars are site credits that have no cash value and are only valid for use on DraftKings. DK Dollars do not expire and must be played-through 1x prior to withdrawal of winnings.


Q: If I get a rebate for my Fight Night Pack, am I still eligible for a PPV Pack rebate?

A. No, it’s only for your first Event Pack purchase that you receive a rebate. Both packs are eligible for a rebate but you may only receive a rebate on whichever event pack is purchased first.

Q: When will I receive my rebate?

A: After purchase at regular pack price you will receive your rebate within 7 days.

Q: Are any of the Genesis packs (Standard, Premium, or Core Add-On) considered an event pack?

A: No, none of the Genesis packs are considered Event Packs. Fight Night packs and PPV event packs are the only packs eligible for a first purchase rebate.

Q: How do I use my UFC event packs?

A: Learn more here