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Do the Giants have anything to play for in Week 18?

Will the Giants play their starters in Week 18?

Daniel Jones #8 of the New York Giants passes against the Indianapolis Colts during the first quarter at MetLife Stadium on January 01, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The New York Giants beat the Indianapolis Colts 38-10 in Week 18. That easy win locked them into a wild card playoff spot. So far, the NFC East has the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants locked into the playoffs, while the Washington Commanders still have some slim hopes after losing to the Browns.

The Giants will finish the season with a winning record no matter what they do in Week 18, as they are currently at 9-6-1. This will be their first winning record since 2016 when they went 11-5 and lost in the Wild Card round.

Can the Giants move up or down in the playoff seeding?

Right now New York sits as the sixth seed in the NFC and cannot move out of the sixth spot with a win or loss against the Eagles next week. They have nothing to play for and could sit their starters in the final game as they prepare for the playoffs.