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DraftKings NFT Reignmakers Football Pack Break with Chris Costa 9/6 Recap

Matt Meiselman recaps Tuesday’s Reignmakers Pack Break Watch Party with Chris Costa.

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Chris Costa hosted Tuesday night’s DraftKings Reignmakers Football show to break ELITE and RARE packs and to share his thoughts on Week 1 matchups. He began though by mentioning a $22,000 sale that happened for a Reignmakers player (which wound up being Christian McCaffrey) as well as some high-priced Davante Adams and Cooper Kupp sales. After mentioning a few other notable transactions, Chris moved on to the leaderboard.

The Reignmakers Franchise Score Leaderboard is now available to be viewed within its own Reignmakers Football Landing Page, and Chris took a minute to mention the current leaders. After that it was time to open packs, beginning with a RARE pack.

The first pack contained a CORE Christian McCaffrey and also a RARE Antonio Gibson. Chris was mildly pleased with the pack as it was probably a slightly above-average draw overall. The second RARE pack was a much more exciting reveal as Chris was overjoyed to find that it would be containing a LEGENDARY slot, a generally uncommon occurrence for RARE packs.

Chris sped through the reveal of the CORE players in the set and while he was basically just trying to get to the LEGENDARY reveal as quickly as possible, the lead-up was actually quite good, producing a Tyler Lockett and Jonathan Taylor. It was ultimately a somewhat disappointing result though as the card wound up being a Jalen Ramsey, and there were clearly some mixed feelings from Chris.

Surprisingly though, the next RARE pack produced quite a bit more excitement than the previous one. Chris pulled a RARE Davante Adams, a wide receiver whom Chris (and many others) except to continue producing elite-level results despite moving from Green Bay to Las Vegas. After that came the final pack break.

The ELITE pack wound up including a RARE Leonard Fournette, a card Chris was extremely excited about, but the ELITE draw was Gerald Everett. Chris basically ignored the final player (he was clearly disappointed) and then recapped the exciting players from the rest of the pack.

Lastly, on the show, Chris talked through contest selection and strategy for the upcoming Week 1 slate, sharing some valuable situations for a season that is just a few days away.

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