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Mitch Trubisky listed as QB1 on Steelers initial depth chart

The Steelers will go with Trubisky for Week 1.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have kind of, sort of named Mitch Trubisky the starting quarterback, as he is listed as the starting QB on the initial depth chart. This isn’t really new news, as Trubisky has been getting all the first-team reps in practice.

First-round pick Kenny Pickett did play well enough to keep people asking who had one the job, but Trubisky is the veteran of the two and it would have been a huge undertaking for Pickett to surpass Trubisky for Week 1. That doesn’t mean that Pickett will be on the sidelines all year though. We’ve seen Trubisky have plenty of trouble in his career and with Pickett breathing down his neck, I’d expect to see him at some point this season.

Pickett is listed as QB3 after Mason Rudolph, so the team is going to make him earn it, but there was little doubt that Pickett played well enough in preseason to be called the QB2.