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Can Oregon still make College Football Playoff with loss to Georgia?

Oregon is getting demolished by Georgia and we analyze if there’s a potential path to the CFP after Saturday,

NCAA Football: Oregon at Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 11 Oregon Ducks are being dominated by the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta, trailing the defending champs 28-3 at halftime. Unless the de-facto visitors can do a great New England Patriots impersonation in the second half, we can safely assume that this ballgame is a wrap.

Because the entire sport has been engineered around the College Football Playoff, it begs the question if the Ducks still have a path even with a season-opening loss. The answer: slim chance.

Oregon would most likely need to run the table and win Pac-12 to re-enter the conversation. This loss to Georgia will be counted as a quality loss in the eyes of the committee, but a general weak schedule doesn’t help. The only preseason top 25 teams the Ducks have left is BYU and Utah, although they would most likely play either Utah or USC in the conference title game should things break their way.

Anything can happen between now and December, but it’s not looking good for the Ducks.