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NFL stat change on butt punt could cause fantasy football chaos

The NFL is changing the infamous butt punt in the stat book which will affect fantasy football scores from last week.

Thomas Morstead #4 of the Miami Dolphins has his punt blocked by his own player in the fourth quarter of the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on September 25, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Did you have a nail-biting win in fantasy football last week? Did you also start the Buffalo Bills D/ST? You may want to double-check your fantasy score. Due to a stat correction, the now infamous butt punt from Thomas Morestead is no longer being considered a blocked punt, per Tom Pelissero. Instead, the play will officially be ruled a punt for negative one yards.

While Morestead does his best to push this moment from his memory, it will likely linger for quite a while. He sent the punt straight into the backside of his teammate, that had dropped back to help block. Unfortunately, the lineman blocked the wrong thing, and the punt was sent backward across the endzone for a safety.

Regarding fantasy football, this play resulted in at least four points. Defense/special teams are given two points for a blocked punt and two points for a safety. If you won your matchup by fewer than two points and you started the Bills D/ST, I have bad news for you. They will likely no longer get the two points for the blocked punt but still retain the two points for the safety. While it may seem trivial, this could completely change the outcome of a matchup, so make sure to double-check last week’s results as we head into Week 4.