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College football injury report Week 4: Status of Kedon Slovis, Quinn Ewers, more with live updates

We’ll keep track of key college football injuries for Week 4.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Western Michigan Kimberly Moss-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 of the college football season is here and the injuries are already starting to pile up up around the country. And in this space we’ll keep tabs on key injuries for some of the top teams in the nation and provide updates as the day moves along.

This isn’t a cohesive list of all players, but only those that might move a betting line one way or another for schools in the Power Five, or Group of Five schools in rankings contention. For a more comprehensive list of all FBS teams click here, but keep in mind that information might not be updated as quickly as we’ll attempt to do here. And for bettors, speed is everything.

No. 1 Georgia vs. Kent State, Noon ET


WR Adonai Mitchell - Questionable (Ankle), Not dressed
DL Jalen Carter - Questionable (Ankle)
TE Arik Gilbert - Questionable (Personal)

No. 4 Michigan vs. Maryland, Noon ET


LB Nikai Hill-Green - Questionable (Undisclosed)
OL Karsen Barnhart - Questionable (Ankle)
RB Donovan Edwards - Out (Leg)
QB Cade McNamara - Out (Leg)


RB Challen Faamatau - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 5 Clemson vs. No. 21 Wake Forest, Noon ET


DE Xavier Thomas - Out (Foot)
DE Justin Foster - Questionable (Undisclosed)
DT Bryan Bresee - Questionable (Personal)

No. 17 Baylor vs. Iowa State, Noon ET


RB Taye McWilliams - Questionable (Concussion)
WR Monaray Baldwin - Questionable (Head)
TE Ben Sims - Questionable (Head)

Iowa State

RB Cartevious Norton - Probable (Hamstring), Warming up

No. 14 Penn State vs. Central Michigan, Noon ET

Penn State

RB Keyvone Lee - Questionable (Undisclosed)
TE Jerry Cross - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 22 Pitt vs. Rhode Island, Noon ET


QB Kedon Slovis - Questionable (Undisclosed), Warming up
QB Nick Patti - Questionable (Leg)
DL Deslin Alexandre - Questionable (Arm)
WR Jake McConnachie - Questionable (Undisclosed)
RB Rodney Hammond Jr. - Questionable (Leg)
WR Jared Wayne - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 11 Tennessee vs. No. 20 Florida, 3:30 p.m. ET


WR Cedric Tillman - Out (Lower body)
TE Miles Campbell - Questionable (Undisclosed)


OL David Conner - Questionable (Thumb)
CB Jaydon Hill - Probable (Knee)
TE Arlis Boardingham - Questionable (Upper body)
LB Ventrell Miller - Out (Lower body)

No. 22 Texas vs. Texas Tech, 3:30 p.m. ET


DB D’Shawn Jamison - Questionable (Leg)
QB Quinn Ewers - Questionable (SC joint), Hudson Card expected to start

Texas Tech

QB Tyler Shough - Out (Shoulder)
WR Jordan Brown - Questionable (Undiclosed)
WR Coy Eakin - Questionable (Ankle)
RB Cam’Ron Valdez - Questionable (Knee)

Notre Dame vs. North Carolina, 3:30 p.m. ET

Notre Dame

RB Logan Diggs - Probable (Illness)
WR Deion Colzie - Questionable (Knee)

North Carolina

WR Antoine Green - Will play (Collarbone)
WR Josh Downs - Probable (Knee)
RB Caleb Hood - Questionable (Hamstring) - Warming up

Middle Tennessee State vs. No. 25 Miami, 4:00 p.m. ET


RB Don Chaney - Out (Knee)
WR Xavier Restrepo - Out (Foot)
WR Jacolby George - Out (Thumb)

No. 15 Oregon vs. Washington State, 4:00 p.m. ET


RB Byron Cardwell - Probable (Leg)

Washington State

WR Renard Bell - Probable (Undisclosed) - Warming up

Tulsa vs. No. 16 Ole Miss, 4:00 p.m. ET


RB Tahj Gary - Doubtful (Undisclosed)

Ole Miss

WR Jaylen Robinson - Probable (Undisclosed)

No. 8 Kentucky vs. Northern Illinois, 7 p.m ET


WR Rashaan Lewis - Questionable (Personal)
DE Sam Anaele - Questionable (Undisclosed)
RB Jutahn McClain - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 10 Arkansas vs. No. 23 Texas A&M, 7 p.m. ET


RB Dominique Johnson - Questionable (Knee)
QB Kade Renfro - Questionable (Knee)
WR Isaiah Sategna - Questionable (Undisclosed)

Texas A&M

LB Andre White Jr. - Out (Undisclosed)
DL Walter Nolen - Questionable (Leg)

No. 2 Alabama vs. Vanderbilt, 7:30 p.m. ET


WR Tyler Harrell - Questionable (Foot)


WR Quincy Skinner Jr. - Out (Hamstring)
DL Daevion Davis - Questionable (Leg)
DE Brayden Bapst - Questionable (Undisclosed)
RB Patrick Smith - Questionable (Undisclosed)
RB Rocko Griffin - Questionable (Undisclosed)
WR Daveon Walker - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 3 Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, 7:30 p.m. ET

Ohio State

RB Treveyon Henderson - Probable (Undisclosed)
TE Joe Royer - Questionable (Undisclosed)
LB Teradja Mitchell - Questionable (Undisclosed)
Safety Jantzen Dunn - Questionable (Undisclosed)


TE Cam Large - Questionable (Leg)
TE Jack Pugh - Questionable (Leg)
WR Stephan Bracey - Questionable (Leg)
CB Semar Melvin - Questionable (Leg)

Purdue vs. Florida Atlantic, 7:30 p.m. ET


QB Aidan O’Connell - Out (Undisclosed)
QR Broc Thompson - Questionable (Knee)
WR Elijah Canion - Questionable (Knee)
RB King Doerue - Questionable (Calf)
WR Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen - Questionable (Knee)
WR Charlie Jones - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 7 USC vs. Oregon State, 9:30 p.m. ET


LB Romello Height - Out for season (Shoulder)
DB Briton Allen - Questionable (Knee)
LB Chris Thompson Jr. - Questionable (Undisclosed)
WR Michael Jackson III - Questionable (Undisclosed)

Oregon State

TE Luke Musgrave - Out (Undisclosed)
RB Trey Lowe - Out (Undisclosed)
DB Alton Julian - Questionable (Knee)
RB Isaiah Newell - Questionable (Undisclosed)

No. 13 Utah vs. Arizona State, 10:30 p.m. ET

Arizona State

RB Deonce Elliott - Questionable (Undisclosed)
DB Ro Torrence - Questionable (Undisclosed)