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DraftKings Discord Community Collection Spotlight: Difference Making Reignmakers Football Cards — Davante Adams

DraftKings Discord users discuss which Player Cards they own and the difference making cards in their lineups this season.

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Discord Community Collection Spotlight

Our REIGNMAKERS Football Discord community has been doing their research, building their lineups and searching for their edge. We have no doubt they have one, two or 10 reasons to be proud of their collections.

And since our DraftKings Discord is full of sharps, with charts and notes of their very own, we asked them to impart upon us just a glimpse of their endless knowledge.

In this series, select community members — in their own words — break down the REIGNMAKERS Player Card they believe will be their golden ticket this season.

Discord Username: @Tr0ubl35

Featured Player card: Davante Adams, ELITE

Hey there, it’s Tr0ubl35. Pumpkin Spice is back on the menu which means football is kicking off! I’m writing to you with a play you can tail along with this NFL season. One of the top cards in my ELITE collection is Davante Adams, wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders. Traded from the Green Back Packers as a perennial target monster, Adams now will catch passes from Derek Carr in a receiver corps, previously led by Hunter “Third and Renfrow,” where targets can be gobbled up easily from the dearth of other significant wide receiver shares.

Now you may be saying “Derek Carr isn’t that great. How is Adams going to succeed?” Let me remind you this is a guy who has averaged 1,199 yards per year for six NFL years running with over 1374 receiving yards in each of his last two seasons. He earned a minimum of 118 targets in each of those seasons because he has elite-level separation and Vegas knows they didn’t trade for a WR3 to target three times a game. Adams is going to get fed, perhaps at the expense of tight end, Darren Waller, or maybe both have massive seasons.

“Why are you so sure they can integrate Davante so quickly, he’s spent his whole NFL career with another program.” Yes, he has, but I’ve mentioned his separation is top tier in the NFL, and there’s one more nugget some folks might be unaware of. These gents played in college together at Fresno State where Adams recorded 3,030 receiving yards and 38 touchdowns thrown by none other than Derek Carr. It’s a welcome reunion and those sleeping on Adams are going to wake up to find that Adams and Carr will not take long to get back in sync and pile on the fantasy points with 100+ receiving yard games and 10+ catch performances. The touchdowns should pile up once he crosses the 20% target threshold, Davante Adams is super evasive and will find the end zone.

I don’t know that I’ll go to Carr as a stack every week as I think Carr’s ceiling is around QB8 from a season perspective, but he’ll be a top consideration whenever the matchup is neutral or favorable.

For those building their collection who may be wanting to know, my Davante Adams card came from a 2022 Promo ELITE Pack airdropped for holding an ELITE Field Pass and I purchased an ELEVATE Set ELITE Derek Carr off the DK Marketplace to have him available to stack when it fits my approach to the week. I think stacking is something that could be overemphasized early by some DFS players, myself included and that’s one consideration in now pursuing a Hunter Renfrow/Darren Waller double stack at this time. As folks see what prevails in early contests, I’m sure the preferred strategies will be adopted quickly.

Best of luck this season to all and I look forward to some of the 2022 REIGNMAKERS prizes flowing my way whenever Carr and Davante have a big day, ideally when they’re starting for me in this double.

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