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DraftKings Discord Community Collection Spotlight: Difference Making Reignmakers Football Cards — Kendrick Bourne

DraftKings Discord users discuss which Player Cards they own and the difference making cards in their lineups this season.

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Discord Community Collection Spotlight

Our REIGNMAKERS Football Discord community has been doing their research, building their lineups and searching for their edge. We have no doubt they have one, two or 10 reasons to be proud of their collections.

And since our DraftKings Discord is full of sharps, with charts and notes of their very own, we asked them to impart upon us just a glimpse of their endless knowledge.

In this series, select community members — in their own words — break down the REIGNMAKERS Player Card they believe will be their golden ticket this season.

Discord Username: @CT_Legacy

Featured Player card: Kendrick Bourne, LEGENDARY

A little bit about myself, I’m CT_Legacy on DraftKings. I’ve been playing NFL Daily Fantasy for just about 10 years now since DraftKings started. I’m a pretty casual player, no big wins or anything but very excited for this season and especially excited to play REIGNMAKERS!

Let’s get into my portfolio strategy. I started off with a strictly value portfolio, creating a spreadsheet of every player and entering market prices to find the best value per dollar on the Marketplace. This seemed to be a good idea until I started to realize I had WAY too many cards to handle constructing lineups each week. So I scaled back a bit and am now down to about 200 cards, mainly in the CORE and RARE tiers. I am now more focused on creating about four or five QB/WR1 stacks each week depending on the best matchups, then creating a few of each to have maybe around 10-12 hand-crafted lineups. Like many of you, I will also have leftover cards and will likely throw them randomly into other contests and see how that goes. I strongly believe a hand-crafted lineup that is similar to regular DraftKings DFS lineups will come out on top most weeks.

Now on to my featured player, Kendrick Bourne. This LEGENDARY version came from an ELITE pack, so I was pretty lucky. It could have been better of course but could have been much worse as well. He’s a playable WR2 for the New England Patriots. I say WR2 because Jakobi Meyers, WR2 on the depth chart, has only two TDs over three years with the Pats. Bourne scored two TDs in his last game against Buffalo in the playoffs. He fits the sweet spot between high ceiling and affordability. You can most likely pick up a Bourne in the market for much cheaper than other comparable receivers. The Patriots should be playing from behind in many games this year, so I expect a lot of volume! All in all, he’s a great player with a lot of potential that won’t break the bankroll. That’s why I picked Kendrick Bourne as my featured player.

Best of luck to everyone this season, can’t wait to see all your names high up on the contest leader boards.

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