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DraftKings Discord Community Collection Spotlight: Difference Making Reignmakers Football Cards — Travis Kelce

DraftKings Discord users discuss which Player Cards they own and the difference making cards in their lineups this season.

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Discord Community Collection Spotlight

Our REIGNMAKERS Football Discord community has been doing their research, building their lineups and searching for their edge. We have no doubt they have one, two or 10 reasons to be proud of their collections.

And since our DraftKings Discord is full of sharps, with charts and notes of their very own, we asked them to impart upon us just a glimpse of their endless knowledge.

In this series, select community members — in their own words — break down the REIGNMAKERS Player Card they believe will be their golden ticket this season.

Discord Username: @magnanimous

Featured Player card: Travis Kelce, LEGENDARY

The Rush: DraftKings REIGNMAKERS! A mix of NFTs and fantasy football, where you can own your favorite players. Let’s just say I jumped right into the action with a CORE pack, but just couldn’t stop there as the excitement of ripping packs and pulling ELITE and LEGENDARY cards provided me with that ultimate rush. Now it’s time to put those players to use by winning additional cards, packs and cold hard cash in the weekly tournaments.

The Strategy: My focus throughout the season will be on ELITE and LEGENDARY events where entries tend to be a bit more limited but the prize pools are increased. The 300K Fiat Frenzy will be the tournament I stack my team the most each week, utilizing my best players against the weakest matchups. Additionally, I plan on picking up enough players to enter in the Showdown events at the ELITE level on Thursdays and Mondays to balance out the week. Don’t sleep on the small events where the rewards are higher-tier player cards or higher-tier packs. Those can lead to bigger wins at higher levels as the season continues.

The Player: Travis Kelce — ELEVATE LEGENDARY version No. 10/10

My favorite and most exciting card from my collection has to be the Travis Kelce ELEVATE LEGENDARY No. 10 (pulled from an ELITE pack). I managed to pull three other LEGENDARIES prior to this one, but they were two defensive players and a kicker. This one was huge the minute I saw it. Here’s a player that is going in the Top 10/First Round of most fantasy drafts and he’s not even listed as a Superstar player. You can use him and a Superstar player every week in the same lineup. Being a LEGENDARY card, this gives me a huge advantage in those smaller LEGENDARY matchups each week.

With the departure of Marcus Robinson, Byron Pringle, Josh Gordon and Tyreek Hill, there will be plenty of targets coming Kelce’s way this season. Even as newcomers MVS, Skyy Moore and JuJu Smith-Schuster get up to speed and demand targets from Mahomes, this will only shift defenses in their direction freeing up Kelce for big-time plays. Let’s not forget his ability to pass the ball and run the ball in the wildcat formation. When in doubt while Mahomes is scrambling, you know he’ll be targeting Kelce to bail him out. I expect big things from Kelce this year and can’t wait to utilize him each week in DraftKings REIGNMAKERS.

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