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DraftKings Discord Community Collection Spotlight: Difference Making Reignmakers Football Cards — Derrick Henry

DraftKings Discord users discuss which Player Cards they own and the difference making cards in their lineups this season.

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Discord Community Collection Spotlight

Our REIGNMAKERS Football Discord community has been doing their research, building their lineups and searching for their edge. We have no doubt they have one, two or 10 reasons to be proud of their collections.

And since our DraftKings Discord is full of sharps, with charts and notes of their very own, we asked them to impart upon us just a glimpse of their endless knowledge.

In this series, select community members — in their own words — break down the REIGNMAKERS Player Card they believe will be their golden ticket this season.

Discord Username: @CurtMustang

Featured Player card: Derrick Henry, ELITE

To begin the season, my general strategy revolves around stacking. I plan on playing CORE-ELITE, with my focus being on RARE and ELITE level contests. If I can move up to LEGENDARY during the season, I likely will. I’m going to start with double stacks and a bring back from the other team, but I might skinny that down to single stacks with a bring back depending on how the contests play out. I think pairing your QB with at least one pass catcher is the optimal move, two could be overkill depending on contest size. In ELITE+, I will prioritize stacking less as the fields will be much smaller. In CORE, it will likely be a hard and fast rule for me.

Because my strategy involves stacking, I have most of my lineup set as soon as I pick the stack. I have picked up the main players from certain offenses that I plan to stack in a variety of tiers. I can mix and match which players I play in my best lineups. QB/WR/(WR/TE)/Flex are already spoken for in my stacks since I like to target pass catchers in my stacks. This leaves the RB slot open, and depending on the stack I choose, a Superstar slot. What I need from my RB slot and SS is someone that, if my stack hits, can give me that extra surge to put me on top of the leaderboard. So when I think about what type of player I want there, I want someone who can break the slate. The player that profiles that way for me is Derrick Henry.

The player card I am most excited about this year is my Elite Derrick Henry. This man broke his foot and played in a game in the same season. This is not a typical muscle-related injury that can hang around and be reaggravated. This was a broken bone that healed, was played on, then had six months to regain full strength. I have absolutely zero injury concerns around Henry. He was on pace to go over 2,000 rushing yards and (pun intended) run away with the rushing title again. There wasn’t an RB that was going to compete with Henry’s output if he stayed healthy — yes, I’m including Jonathan Taylor when I say that.

Henry played eight games last year and his scores ranged from 6.8 to 50.7 DKFP. Henry scored three TDs in three different games out of the eight he played last year. Three times! He went on a stretch of five straight games with the 100-yard bonus, and he has a great chance to get it every week this season. He also gets about three targets per game and only had two drops last season. So when I need that player that can break a slate all on his own, and take my stack over the top, I’m taking Henry every time and twice on Sundays!

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