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Virginia Tech coaches stuck in elevator at halftime. This is not a drill.

S.B. Ballard Stadium found a way to help the Hokies get a bit of extra planning time after a mediocre first half against Old Dominion.

Virginia Tech Head Coach Brent Pry talks to the media during the second day of ACC Media Days at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, NC. Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Update: The Virginia Tech coaching staff has escaped the elevator and the second half is underway. We’ll see if the delay has any affect on their play. Still no word on if this was a deliberate inside job by ODU.

How’s this for some weirdness in Week 1 of the college football season. The second half of the in-state showdown between Virginia Tech and Old Dominion is being delayed because the Hokies coaching staff is stuck in an elevator. No seriously. Ask ESPN’s Andrea Adelson.

The ESPN broadcast had to figure out ways to kill time coming out of the halftime break, including giving airtime to Old Dominion’s adorable dog Hudson.

Of course the Hokies are trailing 10-7 to Monarchs despite being a six-point favorite. If you were looking for a way to install a bit of extra game plan as the home team, this would probably be the way to do it. And the conspiracy theories will be out in force for sure.

This will rank right up there with the Spurs killing the air conditioning in the 2014 Finals vs. the Miami Heat if the Monarchs end up pulling out a victory.

If this an omen for how the Brent Pry era is going to go in Blacksburg, VA, then Hokie fans are not going to be in for a good time.