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Was Herm Edwards fired by Arizona State in the end zone after loss to Eastern Michigan?

At least Lane Kiffin getting run at another Pac-12 school on the tarmac wasn’t on film!

Arizona State Sun Devils head coach Herm Edwards looks on against the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks during the first half at Sun Devil Stadium. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no good way to fire someone. There are several great movies about this concept, but generally there’s an expectation of relatively good behavior on behalf of an employer when relieving an employee of their duties.

But that might not have happened as Arizona State University president Michael Crow and athletic director Ray Anderson might have told head football coach Herm Edwards he was a dead man walking before even leaving the field following a 30-21 loss at home to Eastern Michigan on Saturday.

Now it’s possible this didn’t happen and they were just having a post-game discussion. Or it’s also possible that they previously told the former Chiefs and Jets head coach that his situation would be untenable with a loss, and everyone knew what the outcome was here. But either way, it’s certainly not a great look for a school that’s now in the market to be hiring.

Edwards and Crow did throw plenty of the former staff under the bus regarding the recent rash of major NCAA violations the Sun Devils will be litigating for quite awhile, but otherwise he’s got a decent reputation as a decent human being.

This takes Lane Kiffin’s famous tarmac’ing to the next level. We get that what must be done eventually should be done immediately ... but maybe immediately can wait until the team leaves the stadium? Especially at home??

The Sun Devils take on the defending Pac-12 champion Utah Utes on Saturday at 10:30 p.m. ET