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DraftKings Discord Community Collection Spotlight: Difference Making Reignmakers Football Cards — Leonard Fournette

DraftKings Discord users discuss which Player Cards they own and the difference making cards in their lineups this season.

Discord Community Collection Spotlight

Our REIGNMAKERS Football Discord community has been doing their research, building their lineups and searching for their edge. We have no doubt they have one, two or 10 reasons to be proud of their collections.

And since our DraftKings Discord is full of sharps, with charts and notes of their very own, we asked them to impart upon us just a glimpse of their endless knowledge.

In this series, select community members — in their own words — break down the REIGNMAKERS Player Card they believe will be their golden ticket this season.

Discord Username: @STAGS

Featured Player card: Leonard Fournette, LEGENDARY

Stats: Last year Fournette ranked fifth among RBs with 18.7 DKFP per game and 261.6 total regular season DKFP. Most of his value comes from his pass-catching game, especially in a PPR format. Fournette is on a high-powered offense led behind the GOAT, Tom Brady. With other weapons like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones and Russell Gage, it makes it difficult for defenses to double-team or stack the box. This opens the game for Fournette to provide consistent value in both the run game and pass-catching game.

Game Theory: Running backs in the game of fantasy always seem to be everyone’s first-round pick. They provide consistency with the number of touches and opportunities within the game. REIGNMAKERS, I believe, will follow the same pattern, as there are few top-tier RBs. They will be the most valuable cards in my opinion. Fournette holds a lot of value in the game of REIGNMAKERS as he is not labeled as Superstar. This means a “LEGENDARY” Fournette can be played up at the REIGNMAKER tier of the game. Tampa Bay is also in six showdown games (if you include the game in Germany). Pairing Fournette with Brady could be a deadly combination and huge strategy play throughout the regular season. Last year, Fournette was the top scorer on Tampa five times out of the 17 games (almost 33% of the time).

To start the season, Fournette was in a showdown against Dallas where he recorded 18.7 DKFP. In Week 2, Tampa played New Orleans, and Fournette scored 9.4 DKFP. While Fournette didn’t perform quite to my expectations, the beauty of Week 2 was not in the matchup but the fact that Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler, and Dalvin Cook will all be in Showdowns and not available in the classic lineups. These are the subtle details you should look for in future weeks. As the game progresses, more cards will be released. Having Fournette early, while only half the supply is released/identified, is a big advantage. Just remember there can only be 50 Fournettes at the LEGENDARY level.

Concerns: Ronald Jones II is no longer on the team this season. This will mean a bigger workload for Fournette. This is good for owners but also something to watch. Fournette hasn’t played an entire season healthy, so there is always some concern. Picking up the backup RB Rachaad White may be a good move. Also, the WR crew on Tampa could take away some of the glory for Fournette. But a winning team could mean more garbage time for a running back!

Final thoughts: Tampa Bay sits in a division that they are expected to win. This could mean more value for Fournette outside of the regular season. It could be Tom Brady’s final season and he’s always playing for a Super Bowl. Should Tampa make it, there is huge upside value in having Fournette on your REIGNMAKERS team.

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