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Weekly NFT Newsletter for Reignmakers Football on DraftKings Marketplace

Chirag Hira provides updates on the MOMENTUM drop, Aoki Access Passes, Pixel Playmakers, Featured Star Players and much more.

To quickly navigate to the Reignmakers Football contest lobby, please visit the DraftKings NFT games page.

Did you miss any of the content throughout the week with Week 1 in the books? This newsletter will summarize the key details for Reignmakers Football and the DraftKings Marketplace to help you catch up.

Reignmakers Football Watch Party with Chris Costa and Steve Aoki

Chris Costa ripped RARE and ELITE packs and sat down with iconic DJ, music executive and producer Steve Aoki on Monday’s stream. They broke down all the aspects of the Aoki 2022 All-Star Access Pass that will be available on the DraftKings Marketplace Wednesday, September 14.

Check out the clip below for a Aoki’s reaction and click the article link above for the full recap or check out the full show on the DraftKings YouTube.

We are also providing full recaps for every Reignmakers Football live stream in case you are unable to attend. These include pack-by-pack results, unique insight from the hosts and guests and previews for future watch parties.

Check out Matt Meiselman’s Watch Party Recaps from September 7 and September 13 for more.

Reignmakers Momentum Drop

The MOMENTUM drop is the latest pack drop on the DraftKings Marketplace. This pack has all the players from the rosters ahead of Week 1 and provides you the opportunity to snag those precious handcuffs or players you believe will be sleepers.

With ELEVATE LEGENDARY and RARE packs off the marketplace to make room for MOMENTUM, all users that opened an ELEVATE LEGENDARY pack were airdropped two (2) ELEVATE RARE packs. Anyone that opened a RARE pack was airdropped an ELEVATE CORE Promo Pack.

Auctions for REIGNMAKERS will be held during Weeks 3 and 4 of the NFL season.

There was a snapshot that took place on Tuesday, September 13. The top 25,000 users based on Franchise Score will be airdropped $1M+ in MOMENTUM packs that were progressively better based as you climbed the Franchise Score leaderboard.

Reignmakers Week 1 Contest Recap

Reid Fowler did a fantastic job breaking down the World Championship contests that were available in Week 1 for each tier. You can also click on the contest in the article and see the final results of all the entries. The winners of these contests automatically qualified for a trip to New Orleans and will battle it out at the end of the season for $1M.

Reid also previewed ALL the contests that were available in the NFT games lobby and will have the full breakdown with contests links again this Thursday. Make sure to check back in the NFT section of DK Nation to get the latest.

Reignmakers Market Reports

With Week 1 in the books, the team over at Lucky Trader took a look at contest ownership percentages and analyzed the full slate for Week 2 of Reignmakers Football.

If you missed any of the news over the weekend or wanted to know how injuries affected the market, check out this great article from Tony Marquis. He takes a look at Najee Harris, Elijah Mitchell, Dak Prescott and Keenan Allen.

The team will continue to drop strategy content throughout the week to help you navigate all things Reignmakers Football.

Pixel Playmakers Collection Info

In addition to the MOMENTUM drop, there was also a Pixel Playmakers drop in the DraftKings Marketplace. The drop was connected to the Primetime NFT Series and came with some pretty amazing utility. To qualify for the contests, crowns and Reignmakers prizing, there will be a snapshot on September 19 at 10 a.m. ET. Pixel Playmakers are in the marketplace right now, so much sure to crack a pack before the snapshot.

Justin Time Endzone Dash Collectible Utility

  • $8K Private Contest Entry
  • 2.5K Crown Bonus
  • $10K Private Contest Entry
  • $12.5K Private Contest Entry
  • 1 Reignmakers Booster Pack
  • $20K Private Contest Entry
  • 2 Reignmakers Booster Packs
  • Eligibility for Edition Number Reward

Steve Aoki’s All-Star League

The biggest news of the week still remains! The Steve Aoki All-Star Access Passes go on sale Wednesday, September 14 and will be available for $49. This is a pretty special announcement because the league will run throughout the NFL season and culminate with a Poker Night experience with Steve Aoki and DraftKings co-founder Matt Kalish.

To get the party started, there is a huge Week 2 private contest that will be available to all Aoki Access Pass holders. The winner of that contest will win an exclusive Vegas DJ Booth experience with Aoki and $1,000 cash. Even if you don’t win the experience, the top 1,000 Aoki Access Pass holders will win prizes. That’s 50% of the entire collection winning a prize, making it really +EV to own an Aoki Access Pass with such an affordable entry point.

Week 2 contest prizes:

1st: $1,000 + Las Vegas Aoki Booth Experience (Valued at $1,500)**

2nd: $500

3rd: $200

4th: $100

5th: $80

6th: $70

7th - 8th: $60

9th - 10th: $50

11th - 15th: $40

16th - 25th: $35

26th - 50th: $30

51st - 100th: $25

101st - 200th: “RARE+” (1-card RM Prize Pack)

201st - 1000th: “CORE+” (1-card RM Prize Pack)

**Must be 21+ to claim the Las Vegas Aoki Booth Experience

Featured Star Player Contests

Week 2 Featured Star Player Contests are now in the NFT games lobby. If you missed out on scoring any of the six players from last week, this week has a whole new set of great players you should consider entering contests for.

You can win the following player cards as prizes:

TNF: Aaron Rodgers

Sunday Classic: CeeDee Lamb, Joe Mixon and Kirk Cousins

SNF: Jalen Hurts

MNF: Nick Chubb

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