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DraftKings NFT Reignmakers Football Watch Party with Chris Costa and Steve Aoki 9/12 Recap

Matt Meiselman recaps Tuesday’s Reignmakers Pack Break Watch Party with Chris Costa and Steve Aoki.

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

Chris Costa began the show with a quick reflection of Week 1 and the impact it had on the DraftKings NFT Reignmakers Football Franchise Score Leaderboard. He then gave out some stats on notable sales of high-level players before introducing the special guest.

Chris welcomed Steve Aoki, the iconic DJ, music executive and producer, who has recently gotten involved in the exciting world of Reignmakers Football. Steve spoke about his interest in DraftKings and his interest in sports cards, and he talked about bringing some “Vegas energy” to the combination of those things. From there Chris introduced the main reason for having Steve on this show: His 2022 Aoki Fantasy All-Star Access Pass.

The All-Star Access Pass will be live on Wednesday, September 14 and it will consist of competing in Reignmakers contests for prizes that feature amazing perks involving Steve Aoki. Steve went on to talk about those specific opportunities and why he’s so passionate about this upcoming new experience. They also talked about Steve’s new 26-track album called “HiROQUEST” and how its release will include a trading card set, a clear indication of his excitement around this entire space.

After that it was time for pack breaks and Steve stuck around as Chris opened a RARE pack from the new Momentum drop. The wins from the pack were a CORE Justin Jefferson and a RARE D’Andre Swift. Swift got off to a great start in Week 1 with 144 rushing yards and a touchdown in a 38-35 loss to the Eagles.

The second and final break was an ELITE pack. The highlights included a CORE Mac Jones, a RARE Logan Thomas and an ELITE D’Andre Swift (again!). The two Swift draws was an unusual occurrence and Chris then talked about the options he now has with two cards for a player that performed extremely well in Week 1.

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