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Who’s leading the Dolphins backfield in Week 1?

We go over who is leading the Miami Dolphins backfield in the first game of the season.

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins opened the regular season against the New England Patriots on Sunday and there was plenty of intrigue surrounding the team’s revamped offense. The running back room in particular got a major overhaul with new faces like Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert now operating out of the backfield.

Here, we’ll keep track of the Dolphins running back production for Week 1.

Dolphins RB usage in Week 1 vs. Patriots

First quarter update — The Dolphins only had one drive in the first quarter that resulted in a field goal. Edmonds ended up registering three carries while Mostert got just one.

Second quarter update — The Dolphins offense continued utilize the passing game more and the running backs only received a smattering of handoffs. At the half, Edmonds has six carries for 11 yards. Meanwhile, Mostert has just two carries for two yards on the afternoon.

Third quarter update — Both guys continued to get a limited number of handoffs but have been involved in the passing game as well. Mostert caught a 16-yarder from Tagovailoa during the period.

Fourth quarter update — Mostert was able to get a handful of carries as the Dolphins ran out the clock to secure the win.

Edmonds: 12 carries, 25 yards. Four receptions, 40 yards.

Mostert: Five carries, 16 yards. One reception, 16 yards.

Final Snap Count