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How much are AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom getting paid for Saturday’s Social Gloves bout

AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom face off on Saturday, September 10 in a Social Gloves event. We break down the purse for both fighters.

Austin McBroom, left, faces off with AnEson Gib weighs in for their bout that will be held at Banc of California Stadium on September 9, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The world of Social Gloves boxing continues on Saturday evening when AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom close out a five-fight main card of dubious intrigue. Former NFL running backs Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell will face off in their respective boxing debuts and former NBA player Nick Young faces “celebrity videographer” Minikon.

The AnEsonGib-McBroom fight is technically a pro fight while the rest are exhibitions. All fighters are expected to receive some manner of payment, but it’s not entirely clear how much it will be. The last time AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom were involved in a notable boxing event, it was last year’s Battle of the Platforms featuring YouTube and TikTok personalities.

On that night, AnEsonGib reportedly made something north of $900,000 between his fight purse and sponsorship deals. It’s unclear how much McBroom made with his third round TKO of Bryce Hall, but both McBroom and Hall confirmed the latter would pay the former a $1 million bonus if McBroom scored a knockout. Additionally, Hall reportedly made $5 million and McBroom said in a media appearance he was willing to make less than Hall in the bout.

It’s worth noting McBroom was one of the main promoters of the Battle of the Platforms event so he likely received a significant cut of any revenues that were accrued. At the same time, he was sued for not paying some of the fighters and investors and the event reportedly lost at least $10 million.

So, make of that what you will. And hopefully everybody got paid up front for this latest Social Gloves event.