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DraftKings NFT Reignmakers Football Pack Break with Chris Costa and Randy Greenstein 8/31 Recap

Matt Meiselman recaps Wednesday’s Reignmakers Pack Break Watch Party with Chris Costa and Randy Greenstein.

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August 31 Watch Party Recap

Sports collectibles experts Chris Costa and Big Night Co-Owner Randy Greenstein kicked off the watch party by welcoming the viewers. Randy spoke a little about his excitement in acquiring Kyle Pitts the night before, and then the duo began their night centered around opening their latest Reignmakers Football pack, one in which they purchased on the show the night before, as well. A full recap of that show can be found here.

Chris gave an overview of the agenda for the show and then moved on to an explanation of how Reignmakers Football works. He explained why the game is so unique and engaging, as the game mixes fantasy football, NFTs and sports cards/collectibles. The combination of opening packs, buying cards and then competing in contests is both exciting and revolutionary.

Chris then shared some interesting notes and statistics from the DraftKings Marketplace. A Josh Allen LEGENDARY sold for $4,000, a Joe Burrow LEGENDARY went for $3,400, and to much to Chris’s surprise, a Marquez Valdes-Scantling REIGNMAKER sold for $3,200. Chris and Randy then talked about the differences between positions and also reiterated that the Reignmakers Football game is designed to cater to players at all price points.

After that, Chris and Randy gave some social media and discord shoutouts before finally moving on to pack reveal...

The first card revealed was a LEGENDARY Kirk Cousins, a solid card but one that led Chris and Randy to immediately start talking about stack possibilities involving Justin Jefferson. Overall, it seemed as though they were mildly excited with Cousins, as they got a little more hyped with the next reveal: a LEGENDARY Clyde Edwards-Helaire. They reflected back on his pedigree as a first-round pick and are hoping he’ll be able to solidify the RB1 spot in Kansas City in 2022.

Next up was LEGENDARY DK Metcalf, a clear top-end threat at wide receiver but also a guy who may struggle in 2022 after Russell Wilson was traded to Denver. After that came easily the biggest highlight of the show so far: LEGENDARY Tom Brady. Neither Chris or Randy expressed any concern about Brady’s offseason, as they both were immediately all in on the stacking possibilities for Brady in Tampa Bay.

After that it was a player that Chris was particularly fond of in various fantasy formats: Marvin Jones Jr. of the Jaguars. They then drew Pat Freiermuth and used that to return to the idea certain contests will have positional requirements, and tight ends will be important to hold on to for those contests. The last LEGENDARY card was another tight end, Mo Alie-Cox, and Chris and Randy were both clearly disappointed to find a second tight end in a row.

The final reveal, now in the REIGNMAKER tier, was anything but underwhelming: a 1 of 1 Austin Ekeler. Ekeler was a player that Chris was extremely excited about and barely able to contain himself while rattling off Ekeler’s profile as a fantasy asset for 2022. Ekeler is one of the NFL’s premiere dual threats at running back and one of the top picks for this season in all formats.

Last up on the show was building a lineup. Chris and Randy discussed several different contests while going over different combinations of players that they could pair together in different games.

Collectibles expert Chris Costa went LIVE at 7:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday on the DraftKings YouTube Channel to build out his Reignmakers Football lineup! Watch the video with Chris and BigNight Co-Owner Randy Greenstein as they break packs, answer questions and lock in for Week 1!

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