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PPR drafting tiers for 2022 fantasy football

Looking for a good fantasy football cheat sheet for the 2022 season? Check it out!

Bills quarterback Josh Allen gets a toss from a trainer on day nine of Buffalo Bills training camp at St. John Fisher University in Rochester Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022. Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK

August 22 update: Good morning, afternoon, evening, etc! I have a pretty big update to my PPR drafting tiers today. Check them out!

Welcome to my first PPR drafting tiers of the season. These, as usual, are still a work in progress and will be updated as news and more research happen. I do these tiers every season for my own drafting purposes and have yet to find a way I like better. As I was making them, I moved some players around in my rankings. That’s because grouping players together is a good way to evaluate how you feel about them for fantasy football.

When actually drafting, it’s good to be able to see the whole board and know what tiers are about to be checked completely off. And remember to check back, as I will refine these as we close in on the season.

PPR Fantasy Football Tiers — Google Doc

(You can “Download” from the “File” menu in Google Docs into an Excel or PDF file for easier printing.)

Tiers are easily my favorite way to draft. Having each position individually laid out in their own columns and separated into tiers is a good way to see the whole board. And tiers allow you to see that there is wiggle room in rankings. You don’t have to be so strict that you blindly go with yours or someone else’s rankings. Instead, you can see that a group of players is considered to be in the same tier and that picking from that tier is perfectly acceptable. This game isn’t black and white and going with your gut at the time is always a good call, especially if your tiers tell you it isn’t a big reach.