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Wide receiver standard rankings for 2022 fantasy football

NFL free agency and the NFL Draft have both wrapped up, which gives us a chance to reassess our 2022 fantasy football rankings.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase (1) reacts after scoring a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half at Paul Brown Stadium.  Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

August 22nd update: Draft season is here, so we’ve got an update to our standard wide receiver rankings while also adding another voice to the rankings with Mr. Teddy Ricketson. We will continue to update often as we close in on Week 1 of the season.

It is August and that means fantasy football is creeping up on us even though it’s 120 degrees outside. For this set of rankings we’ll be looking at standard wide receivers, or as I like to call them, non-PPR wide receivers.

Touchdowns and big plays are the bread and butter for non-PPR receivers, but consistency from week to week can be hard to come by. Don’t feel as nervous about grabbing those big play guys in standard, but don’t worry too much about grabbing big target guys who may seem better for PPR leagues.

The good news is that great fantasy receivers aren’t pigeonholed into deep threat or possession receiver. They can get both jobs done and as long as they’re healthy, they should. The question arises the further you get in your draft. Do you take a flier on a speedster who can beat teams deep, but might not get a lot of targets or the slot receiver who is third or fourth on the depth chart, but should see decent targets underneath? The answer will depend on the quarterback, offensive tendencies and upside of the receiver, but these are the main differences when choosing non-PPR receivers vs. PPR.

Wide receiver standard rankings

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