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KSI vs. Luis Alcaraz Pineda: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, winner

KSI and Luis Alcaraz Pineda are facing off on Saturday in a cruiserweight bout. We’ll be updating round by round.

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KSI goes head to head with Luis Alcaraz Pineda during the weigh-in ahead of his boxing match, on August 26, 2022 in London, England. Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Update 5:37 p.m. The fighters are in the ring, and Michael Buffer is giving his signature phrase: Let’s get ready to rumble!

If you’re in the mood for some atrocious boxing, have we got the card for you. YouTube influencer KSI is scheduled to face Luis Alcaraz Pineda late Saturday afternoon at the O2 Arena in London on a DAZN PPV.

This is notable in part because it will be the second time KSI is fighting on the same day. He faced music collaborator Swarmz to open the PPV and handled his business in short order. He knocked down Swarmz once in the first round and the latter tripped to some extent to go down a second time. Early in the second round, KSI knocked down Swarmz, who looked to his corner and decided it was time to call it a day.

KSI is waiting for the rest of the card to finish and then he will face Pineda in the main event. While Swarmz had no boxing experience, Pineda is technically a professional. He’s 2-5 with his last fight coming in March when he lost a four-round unanimous decision to Marcos Rios Gonzalez.

You’ll be shocked to learn there are no odds available at DraftKings Sportsbook for this fight. Although it’s a professional bout and Pineda has fought real fights, this is all still a gimmick event.

KSI and Pineda are expected to get going sometime in the 5 p.m. ET hour. We’ll be providing live updates for what is hopefully a slightly better bout than whatever you want to call what KSI and Swarmz were doing.

KSI vs. Luis Alcaraz Pineda round-by-round results

Round 1: 10-7 KSI

Pineda barely threw a punch, and spent most of the round complaining about punches that were to the back of the head and body. But those are all legal punches when you duck your head into your opponent. This won’t go three rounds and is pretty embarrassing.

Round 2: 10-7 KSI

We’re stunned it’s not over. KSI knocked Pineda down twice, who is just running around trying to stay away and not even threatening any offense. On the second knockdown, KSI does some push-ups to the delight of the crowd as Pineda recovers.

Round 3: KSI wins by TKO at :50 of the third round

Another two knockdowns, and the referee finally called it as Pineda could have gotten up, but for what purpose? Nothing even close to competitive in the ring, and pretty much a farce. That probably doesn’t surprise you.